Hexagon-X Pearl Red
Hexagon-X Pearl Red

Hexagon-X Pearl Red

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 Video Review - From 5KTENNIS 

The unique Hexagon profile, carbon-impregnated string offering Extreme Control with a truly sensational feel. The bevel-edged design provides a string bed with thin profiles in contact with the ball, creating super durability and virtually no string movement and a lot of spin and durability.

This is an exceptional string that will without doubt improve your game.

Color: Pearl Red.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power and Control.


YTEX Hexagon-X - Strings Comparison Table
Reference String
RPM Blast


Customer Reviews

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Hexagon- Black

This is a great string. i used to use RPM Blast and tried this as a comparison. This string to me out performs blast especially at the net. I just ordered a reel so I don't run out. I string for a lot of others, so they will be getting some also.

Love it!

A student couldn't hit over 100 balls in a row. We put the Hex in and he got 248!!! Ordering a reel now.

Hexagon Review

I’ve tried a number of YTex offerings (QuadroTwist, Square-X, OctoTwist, Touch, and Syntex). Recently, I’ve been using the OctoTwist in a hybrid with Syntex. I switched out the Octo for Hexagon and I’m a convert! The string provides incredible feel, good pop, and great spin. The control and ball pocketing are amazing. Great job, Team Ytex!

Best on the Market

I've been using Y-Tex strings for over two years now, and I would put them against any other string on the market. I've used countless different brands during my playing and coaching career, and I can say with absolute certainty, Y-Tex strings are the best in the business.
Square-X and Hexagon-X are my two favorite in the Y-Tex line due to their longevity, feel and holding tension compared to any other poly I've used prior.