PentaPower Black
PentaPower Black

PentaPower Black

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The Penta Power is a little stiffer than our other softer co-polys but surprisingly a very comfortable strings with tons of control. You'll notice we have the Penta Power Terracotta as well which is a tad thinner at 1.25mm but this color terracotta we are discontinuing. So if you are a big fan of the Terracotta order now while stock lasts!  

Pentapower can also be used as a hybrid with any of the Protour strings.

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.28mm)
Construction: Top quality co-polyester pentagonal profile.
Advantage: More Control.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nice Spin/Control

Nice Spin/Control....we believe the control on this string is on par with Hex but a little less power. We picked 3 reels :)

Nice soft spin string

Nice spin , soft on the arm .
Good control
Great price

soft co-poly with great feel

This string is soft enough for me to use at 48 pounds, full bed. I started at 45, went up to 48 and now in between at 46.5 pounds. I think the 46.5 is right for me. I get excellent power and control. I use the Wilson Clash 100L racquets.

Great Spin and Predictable Shots

I play test all strings in my Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV at 55lbs. This string did not disappoint. I was surprised on how comfortable the strings felt when hitting with it versus how the string actually felt to the touch when stringing. I was expecting some tennis elbow because of how stiff the string felt. It wasn't an extreme stiffness but it was noticeable compared to other soft co-polys. Besides the string being comfortable, I was even more surprised on how each shot selection was being executed with ease. At the net and at the baseline, where I wanted the ball to go, it will go. I didn't have to adjust hardly at all. There wasn't a period of time where I needed to get use to how the strings played. Spin is about a 7/10. Power is about a 7/10. On serves, I had enough power when I needed it and enough spin when I differed to it instead. If this were my primary string, I would keep it at the same tension (55lbs).

Soft and Lively

I play test all strings in my Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV at 55lbs. This string, being 1.25mm vs 1.28mm (PentaPower black), felt a little more soft and livelier - which was expected. I felt more ball pocketing and movement within the strings. This sometimes lead to the ball being hit longer on the court than usual. Once I adjusted to the strings, I noticed the power in my ground strokes started lacking because I was trying to compensate for the over-hitting. Serves were powerful but not predictable. Spin potential was about the same if not a little more than the black version. If I were to use these strings as my primary, I would string these with a little heavier tension ~58lbs.


Hi Ivor! I took such strings for Daniel Maslennikov. He is already finishing the Pro Feel reel. Immediately offer him. While working Pro Tour. Everyone likes !