Polyspin Honey
Polyspin Honey
Polyspin Honey
Polyspin Honey
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Polyspin Honey

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Ideal for hard hitters looking for an economical priced string with control for high swing speeds while offering high durability for the gauges.

This Polyester string is without a doubt the best available with proven record for many years both in Europe and the USA, many players will course recognize this string and the benefits it offers.

Color: Honey.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 17L (1.23mm)
Construction: High specification Polyester String with special lubricant for added spin and durability
Advantages: Super power, spin and feel


YTEX Polyspin Honey - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Mono blast


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kaiser De leon (United States)
Awesome feel

Great value what a steal

emmett ivey (United States)

Thanks for the quick shipment of the strings i am now hitting with the quadro twist and its amazing spin and feel. looking forward to putting yetex string in customers racquets.The pullover was very nice quality as well looking forward to wearing it this fall 👍

Dan Azul (United States)
Great value from this string!

This is one of the best basic polyester strings I have ever playtested! The string is provides moderate amounts of power and the snapback of the string after every hit provides lots of spin on all of your shots. It gives a crisp, lively feel from all angles of the court. This string would also be great for hybrids with more expensive string for its durability and slick coating!

William Harris III (United States)

Outstanding string , great control and feel, strung my rackets at 55lbs.

Michael Guest (United States)
excellent string

I had my racquet strung at 45lbs. I felt like my control was a touch better than with some co-polys. The color is unusual but not wild. I enjoyed this string more than I thought I would.

Geoffrey Foster (United States)

I have people excited to use it

Alvin Abston II (United States)

Solid poly to play on in the heat.

Thomas (United States)
Poly spin

I tried poly spin and pro tour strung at 58/60 it’s very solid but not stiff it’s crispy feel gives it a ping that feels good I’m a flat hitter and string tight as the ball wont fly. Most players would string looser for the top spin game.

I like the feel of the two polys together gives good control. As a USRSA stringer I would sting looser for my customers. Of course durable Ytex name is known for good playability. I mix Ytex polys to way I want to hit. If I’m feeding balls then I would loosen the tension about 4 pounds.

The president of YTEX will guide you to what string and tensions you should use for the game you play.

I recommend Ytex to players I string for.


Hopefully this helps you to choose Ytex for your next string