Protour Pink
Protour Pink
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Protour Pink

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The ProTour Pink is a soft co-poly with a great combination of spin; control and power. Ideal string for those players playing with a heavy racquet. 

If you are looking for a soft co-poly which holds tension very well, then the ProTour series is the string for you! This string offers you a SOFT yet powerful feel, while maintaining control and a nice "Pop" sensation when it hits the ball.

Because of the round shape its ideal to use as a hybrid set up or full bed. 

Try this amazing new technology!

Color: Pink.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyestermix with play enhancing additives.
Advantage: Feel and comfort.


YTEX Protour - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Warrior Response 16
Proline 2


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Samuel Baldwin (United States)
Fantastic Strings!

I'm a 5.0 level player and a former #1 at my high school all four years and played with these strings last night for the first time. I got the strung at 52 lbs in my new Prince ATS Textreme Tour 95 and it went phenomenally well. The string basically did everything right. It gave me great spin, control, power, stability, touch, and comfort. It had perfect ball pocketing and was a nice blend of soft and stiff: stiff enough to produce good power but soft enough to not kill your arm. It just felt fantastic and I love the lime color so much, and it's so affordable! Thank you to Ivor for making one of the best strings I've played with!

JERAMY F TOWE (United States)
Just as good as the Blue!

I had been using the PROTOUR Blue, and decided to change up the color palette. This string generates good spin and easy power. Minimal tension loss and smooth texture make for good durability.
Next on the agenda is the Square X Sharp

Uilani Cuadrado (United States)
Kids love the strings

They love how durable this particular string is.

Alex Escalera (United States)
One of my favorite strings from now on

Tried Pro Tour Blue on both Pure Aero and Pure Drive Tour at 50lbs on a full bed. I have to say I was able to hit out with both rackets and the ball always found the line. Spin potential is great specially for a round poly. The one thing I loved the most was the control Pro Tour provides, without much loss of power. I was still able to hit solid flat serves at good pace, and the kick serves carried some pop.

I will definitely be using this string on a regular basis and will recommend to my clients.

Ryan Runner (United States)
Great as allways

I've noticed with ytex strings that all of them are good and a couple stand out as great, personally with my playing style these strings don't have my requirements, but that doesn't me there bad, I just like other ones more, still would recommend buying these strings to try them urself!

Aaron Kim (United States)

Great string. Lots of pop and control. Not a lot of power. I strung it at 52 and was a little tight. I would recommend stringing it at 50 pounds. I Would definitely recommend this string to a hard hitter would needs a little extra control.

Mark Moran (United States)
This String Rocks!

I just strung a high school varsity player’s racket with YTEX Pro Tour Blue at seventy pounds. The control and spin were impressive. I could see the difference immediately.

Scott Robertson (United States)
Love it!

This string is awesome. Easy power with little effort. Great control when I hit harder. Very soft feel with good pop!