PentaPower Terracota
PentaPower Terracota

PentaPower Terracota

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This is a pentagonal co-polyester monofilament with polyoelfin and benifitting from our Thermo Foil Cooling Process (TFCP). offering high performance that you'll notice. The quality and feel of this new string is due to its new generation technology and patented processes in which the string is subjected to a molecular heating process and then cooled in a further additional process to achieve a softer and more comfortable feel, and because of the profile increases the friction with the ball giving it a better effect.

Pentapower can also be used as a hybrid with any of the Protour strings.

Color: Terracota.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Top quality co-polyester pentagonal profile.
Advantage: More Control.
Comparison: Compared to Black Code.


YTEX PentaPower - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Black Code
Red Code