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Sample String Set

Sample String Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amin Majidi (United States)
Great Strings

I just started playing with them and too early to tell, but so far they are easier in the arm and a little more power than ALU rough.

Todd Palmer (United States)
I like the strings

Spin is super high off of my left handed kick serve. I'd use these again.

Kevin Si (United States)

Broke when stringing

Matt Hudson (United States)
Not so much

If I remember correctly YTex strings are advertised as soft. Well if so, I don't share in the assessment. I went on to the court with the expectation that the string would be soft and I found that the string was stiff and board like. At the time of the order I was using M8 from Grapplesnake 17G and while the M8 has somewhat the same characteristics the M8 was much more forgiving.

I appreciate the opportunity to test the string at a discounted price. Thanks.

Ricardo Garri (United States)
Great strings!

Soft yet controlable! We are switching to Square X

Kirk Wallin

Love the spin and durability. Don’t feel a difference to Luxilon Element

DD (United States)

i love the strings they have good bite, power, feel, and obviously spin. Ytex is my favorite poly

Martin N (United States)
Spinny strings not great for flat hitters

Quattro twist white strings offer a lot of spin, to a noticeable degree. With that said, I found a lot of my shots flying long due to the power of this string, and control was also hard due to the launch trajectory I am not used to and am not a fan of. These strings were a big pain to string, so much coil memory and lots of stretch. Also the shopping experience became painful with so many automated follow up emails, some obnoxious. When I would write an email inquiry it did not get the same enthusiasm and the speed of response was not great