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Protour Blue
J.B. (United States)
Great string for crosses

I switched from Gamma Glide to Protour Blue 16, and like it a lot. It is a very smooth string and provides good feel and manageable power. Have a couple others I string for, and they also had the same sentiment.

Experimenting with Hexagon-X, Quad-Twist, and Octo-Twist in the mains. Stringing at 50x48

Quadro Twist Black
Sinnion Tang (Hong Kong)
This string did not work with Yonex VCore 95.

Even at the low tension of 45 pounds it was very dead on the VCore 95 with the 16X20 pattern. I had to cut it out after a couple of drives went way too low below the net.

Square-X Sharp
A. Scott Marshall (United States)
My favorite string by far.

The best strings I have used thus far. Nice pocket on groundstrokes, along with the added spin. Highly recommend you give them a try. I have to admit they are a bit hard on the fingers when stringing the racquet, yet they're worth it.

Peter Pastor (United States)

look great in my new Diadem Elevate tour racquet !

Square-X Sharp
Ben (United States)
Sharp!!! best spin ever!!!

These have become some of my favorite strings ever. They offer a ton of spin potential from slice , topspin and kick serve all shots die more and jump more. it's really incredible! All of my clients that have used this string love it. it's soft enough to not hurt your arm.
I typically sting my rackets hybrid style. But I don't need to with these strings. a full bed is the BOMB!

I call these stings the CHEAT CODE. Tons of spin even without proper technique.

The only negative is the strings don't last too long. 2 to 4 weeks depending on the player. This is understandable given they are 18g. and they are a little slower to sting with.

Just try a set of these strings! thank me later

Square-X Sharp
Derek Moore
They are actually sharp

This string is exactly as advertised. They are a soft poly with an extremely sharp square texture. You will receive a lot of bite on all of your shots. I was a hyper-g user and have switched to square sharp. I do highly recommend this string.

Square-X Sharp
Sinnion Tang (Thailand)
Spin versus durability

Extra spin from these strings, but elasticity died after 8 hours of play.

Quadro Twist Black
Ryan (United States)
A hidden gem

These are just a hidden gem when it comes to strings. I have been playing with these strings (full bed) in my Radical Pro for about a month now and am impressed with the amount of spin, control, and feel. I consistently recomend them to other players.

Sample String Set
Darren DiSanto (United States)
Easy install

They were very easy to.install. no friction burn on crosses or grommets as i have seen with other pollies. Recoil was workable and had no issues.with the string kinking. Strung the racquet 2 ahead. Stringbplayed with plenty of power and control. My error i strung it at 50lbs will bump that up a bit next time. Using a previously strung 3 times wilson blx 6.1 18x20.

Square-X Sharp
George Cosentino (United States)

I have yet to use them, but my athletes have. They seem to really enjoy the extra bite. They have all noticed an increased amount of spin and pop coming off the floor. Especially in the serve. So far so goodโ€ฆhave yet to hear about durability issues.

YTEX Strings Logo Stencil
Lisa Tucci (United States)
Great stencil

I had fun painting my stencil to show the Ytex brand which totally is my favorite string

Square-X Sharp
QViet Tran

The string is incredible, able to generate tons of topspin and power. Love it. Highly recommended.

Square-X Sharp
KT Shiue (United States)
Square-X Sharp

Love the crisp feel when hitting on tennis balls as well as the deep bite that make great control and spin .

Square-X Sharp
paul leis (United States)
they really are what they claim to be!!

these strings are amazing, have it all! whats even better, have had them 4 months with no change in play. balls that i thought were long, appoint says inside the line. what!!! you can also hit hours pain free. THAT, deletes poly hybrid.

Quadro Twist Black
Doug Miller (United States)
Best string...ever!

I have been a die hard YTEX Square-X user from day 1...but this string gives me the bang and the bite I have been looking for...unbelievable performance...well done YTEX, well done...

Quadro Twist Black
Jim D (United States)

Love these strings

YBOX Starter Pack
Brent Evans (United States)
Fantastic Product & Tremendouse Service

Shortly after placing the order Ivor personally called me to learn my style of play, and selected the strings to include in the kit. In a day or so I received them, and put strung the Quadro Twist. I needed no break-in period for the match I was playing, and all in the doubles group repeatedly commented on my improved spin serves and power! In spite of the promoted durability of the Quadro Twist, I will not be disappointed if they prematurely break so I try the next sample. A great product, immediate and noticed improvement in my game, personal service, and all at a most fair price. I'm so blessed to have found YTEXT!!

Hexagon-X Pearl Red
Gustavo Lopez (United States)
My new favorite strings

I decided to try these string looking to improve durability without compromising spin potential. I am some happy with durability and the added control to my raquet. I am getting everything I always wanted in term of spin, power and control. I was using higher tension mainly for durability reason and increase play time but with these strings I can lower the tension and play longer without having to change strings so often

Square-X Sharp
Karan Singh (Canada)
These strings are mind-blowing!!!

I have played with various different strings. I am level 5.0+.
These are the best out there. Lot of power and spin.
I am using these on my Yonex Regna 98......so delighted with Racquet+string combination.
I was so happy that I bought the whole 200m Reel. :))
I can promise you won't be disappointed

Square-X Sharp
Mike J. (United States)
this one checks all the boxes for me

This string has it all... power, control, feel, spin and COMFORT.
If Polys make your arm hurt - try this one. I string my Yonex VCore Pro 97D at 47lbs. I'm amazed what I can do with these strings - which gives me a lot of confidence. I've won two tournaments in a row with Square-X sharp. I can't argue with those results.

Sintex Mint
Adam Smith (United States)
Amazing string.

need different gauges and colors. specifically white. yet this is a great great great string!

Protour Orange
Chris Smith (United States)

Customer very happy with the feel! And let's face they look great in this racket!

Square-X Sharp
darnell caballes (United States)
alot of bite & spin, lively!

ntrp 4.5 male, all court, heavy spin on fh/bh, using on a radicalPro (orange paint job).
definitely feel/see more spin/bite on the ball, especially on serve (slice, kick), compared to my typical strings (lux rough).
had to string ~38lbs.... tried at 48lbs, and it felt too stiff, needed to swing harder.
compared to ultracable, it feels livelier (but still stiffer/not as comfortable than lux rough)... i attribute that to being a 18g (vs. ultracable is 17g).
not very durable... broke in 3-4h of play, which is ok, as i expect that in a spin oriented string (square+thin18g == more grabby == more string movement == more sawing of the mains)

only con is if i'm playing another spin player, and i try to "block" the ball defensively... the ball tends to play the racquet. i need to commit to swinging on my groundstrokes. i find controlling touch volleying against heavy topspin/slice tougher (but that's ok, since touch is not my strength/goto weapon anyway)

Square-X Sharp
Carlos Hernandez (United States)
Bite and spin

The strings were for a customer. He liked the strings alot! Bite and spin!

Square-X Sharp
Diego Tavera (United States)
Best Strings i've ever used!

I was recommended to YTEX by a Germanteaching Pro, who also competes at a very High Level. I already respected his input, but when i got the chance to try YTEX Square Sharp for myself i got to formulate my own objective opinion. Wow, it was apparent from the first couple of minutes hitting that the unique square shape of the string grabbed the ball unlike any other string i'd played with before. The strings also have amazing precision on touch shots with the 18G version, did i mention spin? Love the Lime color, and durability seems to be up to par with some of the higher-priced alternatives. Ivor was kind enough to add some extra goodies with my first shipment like a very cool red shirt and a stencil kit, that goes a long way. Just do yourself a favor and try these string, your game will be rewarded in every aspect!