YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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My Go To Steering

I've used for a couple tourneys & now my mixed doubles partner started as well.

Soft poly with nice control , spin , easy on your arm . Best value for the price !


Put these in a Prince Graphite 107 strung at #57. Really good old school feel. Good comfort and playability.

Love my new string.


Good quality but we need more sizes some were not available and we want them for our small juniors

Great String

I have found Square-X to be a great poly for spin and durability. It holds tension well and has great durability.

Great Product, we love it

One of the best poly in the market with affordable price. No 2nd though, this is trustworthy string for me.

Great string!!

I love the string feeling (lot of power and spin) and the high durability. I will recommend this strings to anyone

Always pleased

Although I’ve been out of town for awhile and I haven’t had a chance to string or play with Touch or Hexagon. I have played considerably with Square X and QuadroTwist and enjoy the feel both give. I do normally use a blend so durability is sometimes a problem.

I have a friend that has a vibration dampener that he needs a company to market it with. Let me know if you want his contract info .

String of choice

Every year I play an adidas open tournament with prize money and even though I never win any money, I always bring my A game. The string of choice is the Quadro Twist and it never fails me. I play with confidence when I get new strings for my stick.

Great service. The string arrived quick. Very soft and durable string. Great price in comparison to some of the other brands like Babolat etc.. I love the little extra pop that I get.

Square X

Best value string on the market. Exceptional snap back. Almost as good as Quadro Twist for my game.

Quadro Twist

Used this for 3 years and it is the best string that I have ever used.

Touch natural

I love the feel of these strings especially at the net.

better version of rpm blast

I have a team mate that will only hit with rpm blast. I put this in his racket at same tension as the blast. He said it didn't feel the same but he liked it. Said it was much better than a lot of others he had tried, had much confidence with shots. This is the best alternative to the high priced string and he did agree seem to hold tension better.

An amazing ton of Control

I love the Hexagon X in pearl red. It give mal an amazing control and a good spin. It’s easy on the arm.

Top Quality DRI Fit Jacket

This jacket is comfortable and looks so nice. I love playing with it it hold good warm

verry Soft Synthetic String

I string the Sintex Mint for my customer, it’s verry easy for stringing. After 3 years break, he starts again with tennis. He want a string with touch now he have Touch Comfort and power

Surprisingly good

The string play very nice. Holds tension quite well despite seemingly very soft a pliant and creates spin well due to smooth surface and snap back. Very easy to string with smooth surface and pliability. My only negative comments are that I would like to see it in a thinner gauge ( less than 1.28 mm) and it feels very heavy in my racquet compared to the 17 ga. I usually use.

Very lively string, but doesn’t lack control or spin!

Great string for any level player, it’s a very lively string, but you don’t sacrifice much control for the power as its easy to generate due to the square profile of the string! I look forward to trying the black square X! Also, great packing and fast delivery, very good customer service!

Super Soft Co Poly String.

I can generate with this string a lot of spin, and it’s playing like a muiltifilmet string. Good control and power.

Powerful String

I’m recievied my string quickly. The String is easy for stringing. The String give a very good power and have a long durability. It’s soft on the arm.

Micro Fiber X

The Micro Fiber X is the best feeling tennis string I've ever had! I put that string in my crosses and and use the blast for a hybrid and gives me great feel and spin! I will continue to use both strings in the future!!

Awesome string all around

Hexagon X. Wow what a great string. Incredible power and spin. Doesn't lack any control either. Have been a Big Banger Alu fan for a long time. I have found it's replcement! The colors are awesome. Made my old pro-staff come alive. Strings stay in place and don't seem to be grooving to badly after 2 matches. Really impressive. One of my opponents this past weekend said that the red color was intimidating I. Itself lol. It does look great. My suggestion if stringing a complete set is to drop 3-5 lbs. I did pre-stretch before stringing. Will be play testing other YTEX strings soon! Thank you Ivor for bringing a great product at even better value!!!!

Keep rippin!!
Sean O'Connell


I liked the price of this string. Unfortunately I haven't been able to string up my racket yet. I plan on doing it soon, looking forward to using this string.