YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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Quatro twist

Easy on the arm. Spin is good, but I feel it is not as good as I expected. I string it at 41lbs, but tonight I string a racquet at 38lbs. I will let you know of a good or bad outcome from the lower tension. I'm not saying that I don't like the performance of the string, I'm simply expected more. It's a good string overall.


Using the Hex. My student won a tournament with them. Yay!!


This is a great feeling string but durability is what really stood out to me! I used this as a main with a poly cross and was surprised at how well it held up. This set up really let me have to free power and really flatten out the ball.

Incredible Feel

Wow! I haven’t hit with synthetic gut in over 20 years. I new the strings would be comfortable, but to have the same control and spin as I did with polyester, my mind was blown. I’m 100% behind this string and my high school teams will be using it as well. It will be so much better for my old shoulder as well! Thanks YTEX!!!

Great as a cross!

After much tinkering with my Prince Pro 100P I have settled on Quadro Twist as my mains and the Protour white as the crosses. I feel like the white version of the Protour has a great feeling pop to the string. The black in the 16g has a little more power which in my setup that wasn't what I was looking for in a cross string. Overall the Protour is a great line of your basic round poly. It can be played as a full bed or complement a textured string as a cross!


I used this in the crosses and it performed as good as any other synthetic, it lasted just as long as all the others. At the price it is the best deal. Wish it came in more color options. Overall it is a great string.

Hexagon- Black

This is a great string. i used to use RPM Blast and tried this as a comparison. This string to me out performs blast especially at the net. I just ordered a reel so I don't run out. I string for a lot of others, so they will be getting some also.

Love it!

A student couldn't hit over 100 balls in a row. We put the Hex in and he got 248!!! Ordering a reel now.

all people that have used it like it

Quadro Twist

I have used Volkl Cyclone regularly. Decided try this string and it is very comparable to cyclone. Increased tension 2lbs over current 54lbs to get great results. I use hybrid with syn gut.

Hexagon Review

I’ve tried a number of YTex offerings (QuadroTwist, Square-X, OctoTwist, Touch, and Syntex). Recently, I’ve been using the OctoTwist in a hybrid with Syntex. I switched out the Octo for Hexagon and I’m a convert! The string provides incredible feel, good pop, and great spin. The control and ball pocketing are amazing. Great job, Team Ytex!

Great price

Great product. Great price! Love Ytex!

Best on the Market

I've been using Y-Tex strings for over two years now, and I would put them against any other string on the market. I've used countless different brands during my playing and coaching career, and I can say with absolute certainty, Y-Tex strings are the best in the business.
Square-X and Hexagon-X are my two favorite in the Y-Tex line due to their longevity, feel and holding tension compared to any other poly I've used prior.

Great string

I love playing with this string in my pure aero. Plays exactly the same as rpm blast but is much cheaper. Great spin. Enough power and control. Love it.

Square-X Black
Ytex square x 16l black

One of the best strings I’ve played! I’ve tried Weiss canon black 5, genesis black magic, solinco, technifibre black code, pro hurricane tr, rpm blast etc and so far square has been the best for me! I love that it’s square shaped profile allows for more string movement for snap! This also allows for better grip but longer lifer due to less friction! Great people and product! I personally know the owner Ivor and he’s a very down to earth, great guy who loves the sport and helps others to love it more by supporting coaches, stringers and players alike! I consider my self to hang around 5.0 range give or take and I hit massive spin aswell and this string just plays amazing thru it’s whole life and very comfy!


Everything fit perfect. I wear an XL and I'm 6'1 220. Tshirts were perfect. And the string is still under review. So far so good!

Great jacket

Really nice jacket . Perfect for cooler weather playing

Dry-fit Jacket

It's pretty sweet! The sleeves are a tad too long, but that's ok. Love the stuff. Hope shorts and sweat pants come out soon. Love the strings!

Ytex strings

These are a great string at a great value . Very similar to RPM blast but a third of the cost

Love my new dry fit

It fit perfectly and purchasing another one for my teaching assistant!


I have a client that changed from wilson NTX to this string due to the wilson string didn't last as long as the Microfiber-X. He loves the spin he gets and the longevity of the string. I just strung two racquets using Microfiber-X.

Octo Twist Green

I got a chance to hit with it this weekend and loved the top spin it created on my forehand and serve. I will be purchasing more of this and recommending it to all friends and clients who's racquets i string

Really great strings :)

I recently received these strings and I have to say they are very comfortable, spam friendly and nice power. 10/10

Great strings

it was shocking that ran out of string I will be using this string going forward into the year of 2019! Thanks YTex

Triangle Twisted Purple

Crazy topspin. Insane slice. The control is plentiful. The power is there. Having lots of fun taking my shot with this string!