YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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Love the string

Great strings.

I love the hybrid that i created. I used touch natural in the mains and sintex in the crosses. the strings are very easy on the arm and added spin and power to my shots.

Being square ain't bad

This string strung up amazing and was donated to a lucky student athlete who asked about YTEX STRINGS and was chosen to playtest for me. EAST AURORA
I can't wait to see what the season brings but I guarantee more happy students are getting bYTEX stringings. Let's go

Easy stringing

These strings are easier to String than Wilson sensation and provide batter value to those who need multifilament String. This was a donation stringing for EAST AURORA
Aurora IL

Pro tour

Great string-I use it on my Own Babalot 110 and very satified with results very . Also have 2 clients using it and they are also very please with the string

Great String. How about a orange color.

Pleasantly surprised!

I use stiffer poly's like RPM, 4G and Tour Bite. I feel Hex X Black is superior to all these top quality strings. Has equal or better spin and control and maintain better playability longer. If you like this type of poly, these strings are worth a try!

very soft string

I would compare this string to Wilson Sensation in every way. I used it for a hybrid pattern I wanted to try and it was excellent. I have not done a full bed yet but would say it should be very good for every stroke.

I personally used this string.
The comfort, Feel, Control, Power, Spin & Durability was fantastic.
It synthesised perfectly on my game style.🎾🎾🎾

excellent string

I had my racquet strung at 45lbs. I felt like my control was a touch better than with some co-polys. The color is unusual but not wild. I enjoyed this string more than I thought I would.

another good choice

This string like the blue and yellow is very good. I had my racquet at 42lbs and had good control to go with the power.

Spin Heavy

I won't lie, it took a minute to adjust to how spin friendly the Octo-Twist made my racket. After about 10 full minutes into a warmup & set, I was able to move my opponent's around like crazy. It gives me great angles on my volleys, but I had a bad day serving. Overall, I love it, I just need to work on my serving more.

One of my favorite Protour strings

I really liked this 17g version of Protour. It had great feel, comfort, power and control. I would recommend this string to everyone.

Another great choice

All of the Protour line colors are exceptional strings. At lower tensions, there is plenty of control.

Favorite Strings

These strings are the best! My whole family loves these strings and we all use it. These have the best value and I have tried so many strings and these are by far my favorite

Good stuff

lots of spin and comfort

My son has used it for almost 6 months now and haven’t gone back. He switched from multi filament/syn gut to this soft Poly. @52 lbs in Wilson Pro LS. He also likes Quadra twist.

Excellent string

This color like the others is quite good and reasonably priced. It's hard to go wrong with it.

I really like the spin generated with this string. It is soft enough to be very easy on the elbow.

This string is good with getting a little more spin on flat shots. It is pretty soft and easy on the elbow.

The green spin monster is scaring off all my opponents.
Just not crazy about the packaging, would like to see more eco friendly.

Exceptional spin, power & control

Great active wear.

I love the weight, feel and fit of these shirts.
Plan to get some more.

Hexagon X Red - Amazing strings!

Ytex has the best strings in the market hands down. It is so hard to find the right balance between control and comfort. Ytex has cracked that code and provided us tennis elbowers a new life. I can now enjoy playing with polys without hurting and without losing control. I have finally found what I have been looking for. Going to stock them up for next season.

Unbelievably good!

This string is amazing. I am just so impressed by YTEX overall. My two favorite strings are hexagon X and quadro twist and those are the only two I tried from YTEX. I have tried every other poly string out there including the so called big guns like rpm blast, Alu power, etc. These so called top guns have destroyed my arm. However, after using YTex my arm does not hurt and my game has gone to another level. Love YTEX. Please keep doing what you are doing and thank you for making such good strings.