YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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Square-X Black

Very quick delivery. I strung a clients Babolat Pure Drive with this and he absolutely loves it. He told me he getting better spin and better comfort with it.

Octo Twist Green

Very fast delivery. Strung my Prince Graphite Classic 107 with it not only was I surprised by the spin but also the comfort. Strung up easier than most polys. Will be getting more for my stringing clients to try.

Hexagon X

The power and control is very good.
The one exception is that the is string does not have a large sweet spot.

Touch Natural
Touch Natural

Es una cuerda que genera poder, y nos ayuda para generar más potencia a la pelota.

Quadro Twist Black

Es una cuerda de excelente calidad ayuda a generar spin, poder y tiene buena durabilidad.

New boss is here

Hexagon- X

I have this really great string now. I knew that there was going to be different, but not by this much. Even my coach said there's a big deference in string. 1st color us great, then my first few swings and i noticed my ball began to kick up higher after first bounce. I stopped a few times kept looking at racket. The string sounds totally different. It not a bad thing. But when i began to serve my ball was turning more and kicking higher. Can't wait to compete and win over and over with these new strings.

Shirt Review

I think this shirt looks nice and it is very comfy to play in.

Jacket review

I think this jacket is stylish and comfy. I have enjoyed playing in it.


Gave me power without taking away from the control I have. Easy on the arms when I go for the low board shots on the court. Tried it on the outdoor and was great. Kept the control to shot the balls pass my oppenents..

Hexagon- X

The string shows great control. I also believe that it displays good tension maintenance.

Great For Spin!

Good string for spin!


This is a better alternative to Wilson NXT, and lasts longer too. Great string.

Nice soft co-poly string

I have been using these strings for a while now. Good amount of spin and very arm friendly!

Awesome strings

Soft co-poly strings....nice amount of spin as well! Love the color as well!! Ytex keep bringing us more great products!!

Hexagon X

With my heavy hitters this string lasted no more than 1 to 2 days maximum. When I blended it with synthetic gut in the crosses, it lasted longer. This was in a Blade 98S which is a broader pattern. Wonder if a 15g might help?

Good for the price!

Favorite synthetic gut for the price

Square black

I've been using the Square Black on customer's racquets for a few weeks. Feedback has been excellent.


Very soft and easy on the arm. This is a great multifilament to use by itself or as hybrid crosses.

Octo Twist Green

I was very impressed with the amount of spin I was able to put on my balls with this string. The comfort level was also very pleasant.

Square X

I have enjoyed hitting with this string. I get good pop on the ball and you can’t beat the price!

Quadro Twist

Excellent string. good spin & power


What a great string, has it all, good power, great spin, great feel and comfortable. Tension maintenance is also top notch. Can't say enough good things about this string, definitely a keeper!

17g protour

I am using in the crosses with hexagon x in the mains. Had been using syn gut in crosses but this string seems to be soft enough and produces the firmness I was lacking from the SG. I have suffered tennis elbow in past, i try to keep the string bed soft. So far I have really enjoyed playing with this set up. I can swing with confidence.

Hexagon-X Pearl Red - Enjoying it

Hexagon-X is nice string for control and all play around string.

Very happy with this shirt

The shirt was terrific. The fit was true and the colors were really cool. Good value