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Ytex Cap

Love my new Ytex cap Fits like a glove and love the feel as well as the awesome logo. Chose the black since it goes well with any outfit I choose.

Love the stencil

People have noticed the logo and are asking about it. Proud to share my Ytex experience

Triple Twisted Silver

This string is great. Fits very will with my game strong and has awesome spin and control. Not only that but very comfortable to swing.

Square-X - THE Go To string

Excellent playability with great comfort and power...Got to string it at lower tension (below 45)... Couldn't be happier!!! even strung up a hybrid setup with Sq-X main and feels awesome...

My favorite hat to wear while on the court!

I brought the white hat because I usually play outdoors in sunny conditions. The material is so light and breathable, there's no other hat in my collection that I'd rather play with! The design is pretty eye-catching too; I received plenty of compliments on the style and fit. Thanks YTEX!

Love the t-shirt!!!

Couldn't be happier with the Ytex t-shirts. They are perfect fit for me, I think it may run little small for others, so order a size up. Super comfortable and sweat absorption is excellent. I really like the narrow bottom as the t-shirt doesn't roll down all the way, just the way I prefer...not to mention, the Ytex logo really stands out on the court among others :). Can't be the Ytex price for quality material the t-shirt is made compared to others...

Great strings!

Great strings, I find myself needing to increase the tension up a couple pounds, I feel like these just lose their tension a little more than the red ones that are 16L (which is strange) may have been my string job too though.

Will keep playing around with the tension to see what happens.

Other than that, great spin and control without sacrificing power. It’s just a great string

Love the Strings!

These Strings have great spin and control. I have the tension at 52 and they play great. So far the durability is great too! I love these strings.

Strung these racquets with YTEX Quadro twist in white amd black for two players. They absolutely loved the spin, power and durability of these strings. Would highly recommend these strings.

Spin and touch

Octo twist's softness allows for an easy stringing of the racket.
IT also creates a solid ball pocket to produce good directional control.
The twist and 8 sided string also grips the ball to create extra spin.
I combine it with Pro Tour Black to create a wicked spin producing combination.
Octo in the crosses at 48, Pro Black at 50 pounds in the vertical strings.

Perfect crosses in a hybrid set up.

I have been using the Pro Tour Black in a hybrid set up for my High School athletes. The team loves the the spin and sense of feel they get from PT Black. We have combined the PT Black with Octo -Twist for a wicked spin combination that allows high margin of error and excellent power when needed. Once I had the kids back the #s down 2-5, the entire team's serves have a noticeable increase in velocity and spin. My personal rackets are strung at 48# on the crosses, 50 on the mains. I'll transition down another 2 pounds each upon restringing.

Great athletic cap

I love repping YTEX in this hat! The adjustable fit is great and it’s breathable.

Very nice Shirt

Love the fit of the shirt and light weight fabric.

Love the string. very durable and spin friendly.

Love these strings!

I love the feel and control it has.

Klippermate Stringing Machine. Strung at 55 #'s

The Ytex Quadro Twist is a fantastic string. I actually prefer it to the Gamma TNT2. It has amazing feel and power as well. From soft touch drop shots to full swing forehands the Quadro Twist does it all. I teach over 25 hours a week and have had my current set in my racquet for six weeks !! Love this string !! I recommend it to all my students and other players. Delivered to my door 2 days after placing my order !!!

Soft and responsive

Using ProTour Silver in the mains of a hybrid string job. I like the softness and responsiveness of this string. It's not a typical co-poly that can be very board-like. These strings have good flex and power and provide the ability to impart good spin. I would give 5 stars but really have not played with them long enough at this point. Overall, YTEX strings are great quality and a great buy as well as a great alternative to other strings that players may be more familiar. As a stringer, I am encouraging my clients to switch over!

Awesome string at Amazing value

Amazing String at Amazing value and superior customer service

Really great string

This string performed very well for me. I was told white was stiffer than the black so I strung it at 46lbs (instead of 48) and strung my crosses (Grapplesnake Irukandji) at 50lbs. I wanted white to match Irukandji and this combo is awesome. Crisp but comfortable and some free power with nice control. Its as if the harder you swing-out the softer it gets.....if that makes sense. Spin was nice also.....who says you need those sharp edged square strings like UC or V-Square, Square-x produced ample spin. Will buy more!

Great control, strung hybrid with microfiber x

I ran with a hybrid of square x and microfiber x on my yonex vcore 98. Had great control and felt good on the arm also.

Exception Feel & POP!!! When you need it !!!. This is coming from a player with Tennis Elbow ... 2 Surgeries Very easy on the arm .... with out Giving up on Power !!!

Got the shirts and mask...Awesome.

Very nice shirts to promote and play in!

Love the overall playability and consistent feel of these strings.

I always look for extra spin from strings and the Penta strings do the job !!!