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Hexagon-X Pearl Red
Kaden Baker (United States)

These strings are ideal for players that want an edge string but still want to keep there power and comfort! They have a nice responsive feel with an added twist of spin, at a more than affordable cost i can't seem to keep these ones in stock for long!

Pro-Feel Natural
Kaden Baker (United States)

The feel of these strings are awesome my customers seem to really like the open range of playability it gives them!

Touch Natural
Sal Miano (United States)
Great Feel and Durability

I am a big fan of YTEX products. QuadroTwist black is my personal favorite. It’s a softer Poly string and most can comfortably play with a full bed of it. But at 57yrs are of age I find myself prone to elbow issues so I have been using synthetic gut in my crosses to soften the feel and absorb some of the shock.
Not any longer…..YTEX Touch multifilament is my new string of choice for the crosses in my hybrid setup. Better feel, durability, and playability than synthetic gut. I’ve strung several customers racquets with this same setup and have gotten excellent feedback.

YTEX Dry-fit Jacket
Richard R. (United States)

The fit was perfect for on-court play. The weight is great for indoor winter play or for out-door southern play under chilly conditions. Best of all.... it looks great.

after 8 sets of doubles

having used a number of poly and multi strings over the years the hexagon-x in red is a find. a rare find. i had used the quadra-twist for 3 years. a very fine string in itself. the hexagon-x is a different animal. you sometimes are amazed at what happens to the ball you just hit. it has a deceptive spin.not the extreme spin of the quadra-twist. but a clearly deceptive spin. i'll take the later. because you cannot define it. yet, i believe that is accurate. i have had it strung at 43# in a 98 size racquet head. the 1st 2 hours of playing i really had no idea where the ball was going. the strings were just breaking in. the next 2 hours were better. the last 4 were really amazing in terms of control, volleying, and simply how the ball moves so nicely. they pocket so well when you hit it right with pace. the touch of the strings on volleys is a confidence builder. these strings are, as i said above, simply different in a wonderful way. and, comfortable in a controlled way. ivor, a very nice man, says that these strings have great control. believe him. without control you lose the match. i just bought 6 more sets of the red. thank you ivor for a wonderful and distinct product. i cannot speak for the black hex-x as i have not tried them.

Hexagon-X Black
Adam Thomasson (United States)
My all time favorite

There are a lot or stars in the YTEX poly line. For me, the one that shines brightest is Hex-X Black. No other string that I have played offers the perfect balance of Power, Spin, Comfort, but most of all CONTROL. The ball goes where I want it to. I can take big cuts and always feel connected, yet I still have deft touch on drops and volleys. I like Pearl Red, but I like Black more. It’s more muted, IMO. Less jumpy. You can’t go wrong with either, tho. Try it. GO LOW TENSION! My preference is 47# in my Volkl V-Cell 8 (100 sq. in. , 16/18). That’s 3 pounds lower than recommended on the frame. I just bought my 3rd reel.

Suzanne Odgers (United States)

I have used these strings a couple of times and I love the power I get from them.

Square-X Black
Thaaj B. (United States)
Plays Beautifully

Recently we know of a square string in major popularity. It’s green and it’s called Hyper G. I used to use Hyper G in my Yonex Vcore 98 at 53lbs and loved how it played. I decided to give this Ytex a try because, to be frank, the green doesn’t go with the red. I’ve been using square x at the same tension for two weeks now and love it. Plays just like hyper g in its feel however I get more control which is exactly what I needed. Will definitely continue its use and play around with more hybrids to make with it.

YTEX Strings Logo Stencil
JERAMY F TOWE (United States)
Proud of the BRAND

I love being able to put the YTEX logo on my strings!! The more people see it, the more people ask about it! Thank you YTEX for being such an awesome company with amazing product!!

Quadro Twist White
Kaden Baker (United States)

Purchased these string for a customer of mine and he is overjoyed with these strings!

PentaPower Twisted Black
Chuck Jones (United States)
Perfect for my Frame

I Needed a comfortable string with a firm enough feel without feeling Mushy. These strings fit the bill perfectly on my Yonex ezones 100's. I string at 54/52 and dominate my league competition. I am a 4.5 player who loves the perfect combination of spin, comfortability, and power which makes me feel so connected to the ball.
Well done Ytex, great String!!!

Triangle Twisted Purple
Jesse Gladis (United States)
Great Control, Awesome Spin

I waited to review these strings until I used them a few times. In my first use, the bite I felt on the strings took a bit to get used to. However, the second, third, and subsequent uses have been absolutely wonderful. I feel incredible control and superb spin with these string. They don’t have quite the feel that Hexagon-X has, but the spin is worth it if you are a baseliner and have a great kick serve. They only thing I would change about these strings is that they are advertised as purple, and seem more blue. Extremely great product, YTEX! I highly recommend Triangle Twisted!!

Quadro Twist Black
Will Stone (United States)
Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I saw an advertisement for these strings and thought what the heck I’ll try them. I put them on and started hitting and was extremely pleased with spin control. Well done

Protour Blue
Kaden Baker (United States)

The feel off these strings is like no other they are durable and allow good power and spin!

Hexagon-X Pearl Red
carl johnson (United States)

All the tournament juniors love this string. Durability is good. My one complaint is the price for 600ft and still paying for shipping.

Square-X White
Bob Hurtt (United States)

I reordered this string for a customer that I strung his other racquet with. Loves the string.

PentaPower Twisted Black
Matt Good (United States)
My Favorite of the YTex Line

I've sampled most of the YTex line of polyester strings and Penta Power Twisted has to be my favorite one so far. It has a slightly crisper feel than the other strings which I prefer in my Yonex VCore 95 racquets (strung at 45/43 on an electronic constant pull machine). It provides a clean response and impact feel while also allowing for exceptional spin generation. I'm able to hit heavy shots from the baseline while also using spin to create short-angle shots from the mid-court. It also handles touch and finesse shots beautifully. Durability has also proven to be great as I'm easily getting over 12 hours of hitting from each stringing.

This is definitely one of the better poly strings on the market at the time and I would highly recommend it.

Sintex Mint
JERAMY F TOWE (United States)

Just recently play tested the SINTEX paired with PRO TOUR BLUE. This multifilament string is better than any other multifilament I have used. Balances out the spin of the poly, giving it even more feel, without feeling to soft or mushy.

Protour Blue
JERAMY F TOWE (United States)
My go to for hybrid set up

I love all of the YTEX strings, but this one is my favorite by far for hybrid set ups. Has great bite and power.

Square-X Black
JERAMY F TOWE (United States)

This string is bought specifically for one of my clients. She loves the power, spin and durability of Square-X

Square-X White
Doug Miller (United States)
Perfect setup.

I have been a Square-X full bed black user for years...Prince Warrior 107T at 45 lbs. Looking for something "unique" I decided to string up the mains at 48 lbs with the black, and use the Square-X white in the crosses at 42 lbs...WOW! Love, love, love the way it feels! I had hip replacement surgery 4 weeks ago so I cannot wait to really give this a go..great job YTEX!

YTEX Dry-fit Jacket
Alain Brouillaud (Finland)
Perfect for chilly indoor play

I teach at the largest indoor facility in the EU - Tali Tenniskeskus. We have 22 indoor courts each court has ample space for running to the ball. Imagine what li is like to keep the club warm? During the winter it gets a little chilly inside, my YTEX Dri-Fit jacket keeps me warm and dry. Any condensation in your garment will result in a loss of body temperature. This Dri-Fit jacket stays dry therefore you stay warm 😀🎾

Best string ever!

I was hesitant about switching to these strings, but I got them and I love them. I can’t play with anything else. They are so easy on the arm and strong enough to get some pop.

Octo Twist Green
Phillip Hamilton (United States)
Really enjoying these strings in my Blade

Wow, these strings are a perfect match for a weighted Blade 100L. The flex on the Blade has an RA of 69 and it feels it. These strings really smooth that out and offer up a little extra power. These strings also increase the spin potential and help take full advantage of the 16 x 19 string pattern. All of the Ytex strings have above average longevity and I know these will be no different. I have used these strings before in a 2021 Yonex Vcore and felt they were a little too muted. In the stiffer Blade they are perfect. I would say these strings would be ideal for stiffer racquets like a Pure Drive and Wilson Ultra. Did I mention the color which matches very nicely. Will buy more!!!

Square-X Black
Greg Milano (United States)
Solid performing string

We like the control and power of Square-X. The strings are also very durable for a poly.