YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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The green spin monster is scaring off all my opponents.
Just not crazy about the packaging, would like to see more eco friendly.

Exceptional spin, power & control

Great active wear.

I love the weight, feel and fit of these shirts.
Plan to get some more.

Hexagon X Red - Amazing strings!

Ytex has the best strings in the market hands down. It is so hard to find the right balance between control and comfort. Ytex has cracked that code and provided us tennis elbowers a new life. I can now enjoy playing with polys without hurting and without losing control. I have finally found what I have been looking for. Going to stock them up for next season.

Unbelievably good!

This string is amazing. I am just so impressed by YTEX overall. My two favorite strings are hexagon X and quadro twist and those are the only two I tried from YTEX. I have tried every other poly string out there including the so called big guns like rpm blast, Alu power, etc. These so called top guns have destroyed my arm. However, after using YTex my arm does not hurt and my game has gone to another level. Love YTEX. Please keep doing what you are doing and thank you for making such good strings.


Let me say this, it takes a lot to impress me. But this Ytex Hexagon-X Pearl Red feels REALLY good and I'm extremely impress with this string.

Great Spin and Predictable Shots

I play test all strings in my Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV at 55lbs. This string did not disappoint. I was surprised on how comfortable the strings felt when hitting with it versus how the string actually felt to the touch when stringing. I was expecting some tennis elbow because of how stiff the string felt. It wasn't an extreme stiffness but it was noticeable compared to other soft co-polys. Besides the string being comfortable, I was even more surprised on how each shot selection was being executed with ease. At the net and at the baseline, where I wanted the ball to go, it will go. I didn't have to adjust hardly at all. There wasn't a period of time where I needed to get use to how the strings played. Spin is about a 7/10. Power is about a 7/10. On serves, I had enough power when I needed it and enough spin when I differed to it instead. If this were my primary string, I would keep it at the same tension (55lbs).

Soft and Lively

I play test all strings in my Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV at 55lbs. This string, being 1.25mm vs 1.28mm (PentaPower black), felt a little more soft and livelier - which was expected. I felt more ball pocketing and movement within the strings. This sometimes lead to the ball being hit longer on the court than usual. Once I adjusted to the strings, I noticed the power in my ground strokes started lacking because I was trying to compensate for the over-hitting. Serves were powerful but not predictable. Spin potential was about the same if not a little more than the black version. If I were to use these strings as my primary, I would string these with a little heavier tension ~58lbs.

Quadro Twist Black

From ordering to receiving, the entire process was easy. I received an email with tracking information and my package arrived on time. The string plays really good and feels pretty soft for a poly.

Good string

I get good bite on the ball and great access to spin, control, and power

New Favorite Lightweight Jacket!

Having recently completed our high school tennis season I have not had an opportunity to string with the Natural yet but will review it as soon as we can. The jacket, on the other hand, is awesome! Well fitted and with great overall length as well as sleeve length (important as I'm 6'2") this jacket has really good quality material and construction. Enclosed is a (not great) picture of it with my traveling team at a tournament last weekend. Great value!

Lotsa spin, responsive volley string

Played with Octo-Twist Green in hybrid setup as the mains with a 19g poly cross for the first time last night and I will stock up on it for the 2020 season. OMG. The ultra soft string bed help me hit very precise volleys and high bouncing kick serves that I could sneak in behind to put away volleys with ease. The control was amazing. I only have two hours in on the string so I can't attest to the durability but spin, comfort, control and power was perfect for doubles.

Great by itself or in a hybrid

I recently strung my son’s Babolat Pure Drive Team with this at 52.5. He has been using NXT and neither of us could tell the difference. He had great pop, decent spin and good control.

We also combined this with the Quadro twist in a hybrid set up. MicroX @ 52.5 and Quadro twist @ 48. He loves this setup. It gave him a comfortable racquet with plenty of spin and a higher launch angle. I am not sure how long this combo will hold up but if he doesn’t break them I will cut them out every 2 weeks.

This string is an arm friendly string with great power at a PRICE that can’t be beat.

Square-x white

Great customer service. Quick shipping and the string plays great. Great control and pop.

Great soft string

Lots of value for all micro x has to offer

Great String

I have been using YTex Quadro Twist strings for about a year. I get great feel and control with this string without the harshness that is normally associated with poly or co-poly strings. There is no arm, wrist or shoulder issues with the Quadro Twist that that I was getting with the other poly type strings I has been using. I have tried many, many strings over the years. I have found that the Quadro Twist is the one I will continue to use and my main string of choice. As long as you are making it the same I will keep buying it. I have also gotten a few other of my tennis friends to switch over to the Quadro Twist. They were having the same arms and wrist issues with the other stiff feeling polys/co-polys. I even had one of the club pros switch over to it as well. They teach so many hours they need something easy on the arm.

Quadro Twist - love at first sight

In love with this string. Best string I have ever used. This magic copoly has better control and touch then any other copoly out there. I cannot believe I never tried this string before. Stock piling so I have enough for a long long time. Excellent spin, control, feel and the touch on the net is unbelievable. Bye bye tennis elbow! I almost quit tennis due to tennis elbow and quadrotwist not only is gentle on my arm, it took my game to another level. Anyone suffering from tennis elbow, try this saviour. Can’t believe this is a copoly. Please don’t stop making this string.

another great string

I have been impressed with pretty much every string I have tried from Ytex. This string felt softer and I thought gave me a little more spin.

Wow! Amazing strings!

I had almost given up on using polyester strings and thought I should give one last try after reading the reviews of this string. My tennis elbow was so bad from using the stiff polys and every time I strung my racquet with a poly, I suffered. I couldn’t believe the results from these strings. Unbelievable! It has been a month and no tennis elbow pain and the game has improved to another level. Love the spin, control and the bite of these strings. My favourite strings of all time. Tried every single string out there and nothing compares to these strings. Please keep making these and do t discontinue this product.

Quadro Twist

After I won Quadro Twist in a contest back in 2018, I strung it up in a local pro I string for. He loved it so much he strings it in all his racquets now. It started to take off with other players wanting to try it on the local high school teams he coaches. It is now my top string I put in racquets. I have play tested it and made the switch myself. I look forward to ordering more in the future.


These are great strings, but I wish there was a 17 gauge on these

I have people excited to use it


It is a great shirt with great quality. I just wish there was a size in between men’s large and men’s xl because the large was too small, and the xl was too big

Clash 100 @ 54 lbs

I find the Quadro to be the perfect blend of power & spin but also soft. Settles in quickly and has good life. It's my favorite string to date. A must try!

Easy om the Arm

I used it in the old Federer Ncode '90 and it's very responsive. Ball bites on my cross court forehand as well as my slice backhand. Great feel & pounds the ball om my serves. Lower tensions & single string for this one.