YTEX Tennis Racquet Strings Reviews

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The folks that I have strong the rackets with the pinto power twist say they will never change and that’s a bunch. They really like it

I love this string is very soft with power without los control

Square-X Black makes me feel like I'm cheating!

I'm using a full bed of Square-X Black string strung at 74 lbs in a Prince Graphite Classic 107. I know lower tensions are recommended, but these strings are so plush that higher tensions are still easy on the arm. The strings stay in place and help generate massive spin, which helps me to move my opponent off the court, with plenty of feel for touch shots. My tennis partner says he can hear the ball ripping through the air with the higher RPMs that I am generating. It reminds me of Andre Agassi's comment that "Playing with these poly strings feels like cheating!"

I am prone to tennis elbow and theses strings do the trick! Plus the spin is incredible! Recommended!

Great string

I have a tender elbow so finding a soft string with good spin was difficult but these string having a good combination of both comfort and spin

Great action on the ball and Feel

We've been using the YTEX twist crossed with Square-X hybrid setup around 3 months now. Love the strings, Love Winning

Great Feeling Strings!

I strung this string up as crosses on a Wilson Pro Staff v13 with Natural Gut in the mains. I haven’t had to play test them yet as I just received them and got them strung. As soon as I got the strings out of the package I could already feel that these strings were going to be soft! Can’t wait to get on the court and try them out!

I absolutely LOVE my Square-X string!

Best soft poly!!

The spin of the this string is crazy!!!! The best soft poly in the Market!!!

When I restring for my customer will review then. She plays at present with Blue tour in a hybrid.

She doesn't get much spin so we are going to try the hybrid with one of your spin strings. I got to try your blue tour and she purchased a rill and I play with it also. The men I've been stringing for stick with the 9 dollar poly as they think 14.95 is to high as the break stings often. Will review all you strings as I use them.
Thank You Richard

Love the spin and durability of YTEX strings. Best Poly on the market

So good!

Just like the rest of the YTEX catalog, these strings are amazing! Five stars all the way!!!

Same as Technifiber Multifeel

These look and feel exactly like Technifiber Multifeel. Same advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, soft feel, arm friendly, inexpensive and good power. From a stringers standpoint, extremely fast and easy to string the crosses. On the negative side, not as much touch as NXT or X one biphase. The coating on the string got "sticky" very quickly and the string bed locked up, and then the strings notched up within 5 or 6 hours of play time, so if like your strings to spread and snap back upon ball impact, this isn't the string for you. If you're looking for a good economy multi, give it a try, and then compare prices with Technifiber Multifeel and choose based on price.

Awesome strings. Durable, spin and control. Play with the yonex 98 (Red) and ytexstrings red hexagon strong at 44lbs.
Love them!!

Very Soft Strings

I got this string because the QuadroTwist (black) was giving me tennis elbow. I strung the Micro-X as a main (at 60lbs), and quadrotwist as a cross (at 50lbs) to help with string movement. It works pretty well. Got plenty of power. I am a heavy hitter with lots of spin, so I find this set-up to be over powering. I have to change the game up a little with more spin and less power to control the ball around the courts. Touch at net is awesome. I believe it's a little better than the QuadroTwist (full bed @ 65lbs).

Only draw back I see with the Micro-X is the durability. I've played with it a total of 6 hours (2 match, 1 practice), and the string popped. I will try to use the QuadroTwist as a main and Micro-X as a cross and see how that plays. Hopefully, I am allow to give an update later with that set-up and playability.

Unfortunately string wasn’t sent out as planned and will not be arriving till December 11

Great hat

Play in the Arizona sun with this...and only hit winners. No kidding, I think this hat mad me a better player. Or at least a better looking one. It is soft and fits slipping. Now I have to get the black one.

Forget about it

I played a full bed of this string in a Blade 98 v7 18x20. It was unbelievably comfortable, as you might expect. I like to always keep one stick with a full bed multi at all times. I have played and taught with this in my racket for close to 30 hours and it is still working for me. Of course, the color is just an added plus.

Whoa! Look out for these strings!,

I just finished a practice session and practice set of singles with this string in a Blade 98 v7 18x20. I found it’s comfort and control to be unmatched. It was spinny enough. It required a little break in, thus the hitting session prior to competitive use. If you are looking for a full bed of poly loaded with control and comfort...look here.

Fantastic Strings

This YTEX Hexagon-X Pearl Red is amazing. After receiving advice from Ivor, I strung this in the low 40s and the control was still spot on. I would highly recommend these strings to anyone looking for durability and control.

Customer loves this one

I have strung up two of my customer's racquets and stringing for a twisted copoly was really easy. No kinks were there and coil memory is manageable. One day I will try this string for myself and get a proper 1st hand playing review.

The only string I will ever use!

Having had tennis elbow many years ago my string of choice must be comfortable on my arm, be durable and still offer playability...I still teach and compete believe it or not! Square-X goes above and string ever!

My customers love this string!

Better than Prince Syn Gut...more affordable too!

Love these strings!

Quatro Twist strings are a favorite of ours. They are soft, durable and have great control. Love these strings and the spin!!

Another happy client!

🎾Another happy client!
"I was excited to try my new strings today and not only was I impressed but my teammates noticed a difference in my playing too. I told them it was the magic strings Dorian put on my racquet! I need some business cards from you to share because they are sold! The strings felt so good and I had great control" Mrs D. Square X