Hexagon-X Pearl Red
Hexagon-X Pearl Red
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Hexagon-X Pearl Red

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 Video Review - From 5KTENNIS 

If you are looking for a soft poly with incredible CONTROL and DURABILITY'...this is the string for you! 

We want to give this string 10/10 in all departments and trust us it does live up to its hype. This string is 6 sided and gives you everything you would need from a string...power; superb tension retention with virtually no string movement; solid spin and then of cause the awesome control and durability. Feel free to play around with the tension on this one and string it low to get the max out of it! 

Note: The black color on the Hexagon-X is 1.28mm (16g) where the red color is a bit thinner at 1.25mm (16Lg). 

Color: Pearl Red.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power, Durability and Control.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Tim Boulay (United States)

It's easy on my elbow and and it plays very well. They last a long time too.
I will keep reordering.

Gustavo Lopez (United States)
My new favorite strings

I decided to try these string looking to improve durability without compromising spin potential. I am some happy with durability and the added control to my raquet. I am getting everything I always wanted in term of spin, power and control. I was using higher tension mainly for durability reason and increase play time but with these strings I can lower the tension and play longer without having to change strings so often

Mindy H (United States)
Such good feel

Plays real well and has strong durability. Also do a hybrid with Hex X and microfiber x

Jose Ortiz (United States)

Best strings ever !!!

emmett ivey (United States)

Great string.Nice spin and feel...Look forward to a 17ga someday

Thomas ODonnell (United States)
Love the HEX-X Strings

I had a major shoulder surgery and my coach recommended I play with a softer string if I wanted to extend my ability to play tennis for a long time. He recommended the Y-tex Quadro Twist for control, power and spin in 2017 in my Head Speed Adaptive 98 16x19. I then switched racquets to the Babolot Pure Strike 98 with a 16x19 pattern strung with Wilson NXT 17g, great string but they don't last very long for the number of balls I hit per week. Initially, I re-strung the racquet at 54lbs with Qudro Twist but I could not replace the feeling I had with the NXT. My coach recommended Hex-X and tried that at 54lbs and the feeling was better but still needed tweaking. In the last two string replacements, I was advised to change the Hex-X tension to 48lbs. This gives me a more connected feeling to the ball as opposed to the 54lbs without loss of control. I feel the spin rate increased proving more topspin for kicks and devastating cut shots. Longevity is not a questions at all, when I retested the tension before restringing, string tension was at 40lbs that's pretty impressive after 9 months of hitting, multiple leagues plus practices. I will continue to pursue tensions for optimal performance and I may try the Quadro twist again at 48lbs as a comparison at the diameter of the strings is the same at 1.25mm.

Haji Bui (United States)
Great strings

I string these strings in my pro staff 97 @54 lbs and absolutely loved them. They had virtually no breaking time and after 35+ hours of tennis they are still going strong. They have lost some tension after about 10 hours but haven’t lost much after that. Control and spin was amazing letting me swing out on balls that I would have to push before with other strings. Amazing strings

Alejandro Huerta (United States)
Favorite strings

I really like these strings, they give so much spin to the ball. The strings are just really good.