Square-X Sharp
Square-X Sharp
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Square-X Sharp

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You’ve asked us for an 18 gauge string…we listened and NOW YOU HAVE IT!

We selected our popular SQUARE-X string to introduce our first 18g but be careful… this one has an evil bite to it!

The SHARP is our square-shaped string but designed to be thinner with super sharp edges. I can tell you now, that this string will be a nightmare for stringers but a DREAM for players! 😃

This string is a very soft co-polyester and easy on the arm like most of our co-polys.
The SHARP gets an A+ in most departments, effortless power; incredible feel; control, and that “wicked” spin. Obviously, with its sharp edges and being a thin 18g, it’s not your most durable co-poly from our line.

The SHARP is ideal for those players looking to get what feels like “an illegal advantage” when it comes to spin.

If you’ve never played with polyester strings and are not a chronic string breaker, then this is the ideal string to make an easy transition into the world of polyester strings.

Color: Lime Green.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.15mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester
Advantage: Control; Feel and Spin

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Robert Benton (United States)
Very Good Strings

In my first few years of tennis I have not played with many different types. I started with a natural gut, progressed to a Wilson Twist/Solinco Confidential, then Solinco Hyper G and now the Square X.

I play with a good amount of top spin and after several weeks of hitting , I am generating more top spin with the Square X. Where I see the most improvement is on my backhand slice. There is much more bit on the ball. At this time I plan to continue with the Square X. Great product and you customer service is outstanding.

Robert Benton
Asheville, NC

Chris Klampe (United States)

The strings def have shape, they def grab the ball!

Gee Nac
Great strings, will continue to experiment with my setup

So far I’m really enjoying the Square-X Sharp strings. I have it strung on my Diadem Elevate Tour - 52lbs on the mains and 50lbs of a multifilament on the crosses. I am getting a lot of spin on my ground strokes and love the feel on my volleys. I will continue experimenting with these strings and likely do a full bed for the next stringing. Great job YTex!

K.B. (United States)
Love these strings!

It has a really nice launch angle and offers a really crisp bite into the ball, while maintaining control and giving the ball plenty of plow through when it impacts the court it has been my favorite string to put in my mains since I got my first reel of it shortly after it came out I put it in my “Pure Drive” my “v8 blades” and now I have been loving it in my Wilson Shift! Also I love the fact that it is an 18g string allowing for a nice light and maneuverable feel!!

David Popham (United States)
All my students love these strings!

Estimate range between 15% to 30% more spin. My guess was 20%.

Great feel, great control, superb trampolining!

emmett ivey (United States)

Love the string..Only downside for me is after about a weeks play feel kinda starts to fade so I change out..

Robert Dent (United Kingdom)
Recent purchases

Just taken delivery of 2 more reels of Square X Sharp as it is gaining popularity with some customers both with power spin players and even with more control moderate power players, including a former Badminton tournament player who loves the fact he can feel the bite from the strings on the ball, I think apart from the unique shape the gauge is also a big factor. Other strings currently in use Octo, Quadro, Pro Feel & Multifiber X are all getting noticed and gaining repeat requests, one player after trialing has purchased his own reel of Pro Feel previously using Alu Rough or Tour Bite.
Have trialled Sharp & Quadro myself struggled at first having not played with Poly for a very long time but am now beginning to see some improvement shall have to try a couple of fresh restrings soon to work out a preference.
Overall getting good vibes from both the customers and myself from the strings and from Ivor & Sergio.
The only drawback at the moment is our local distributer is not intending to carry the Sharp and is low on some other stock.
Ivor has allowed me to order direct - am an Ambassador and trying to push the brand locally - on some but it does take a month and not sure if I am going to get clobbered by import duties if I was to place a large order but that is life.

Jeff Bucarion (United States)
Friends really like these

I have a couple people i string for who love these strings. Both are USTA 4.0 and use these in a hybrid as teh mains, one with PolyTour Pro 17 as crosses and teh other with quad twist.

I am also trying this in the mains. Gets good topspin, and OK power. I really notice the differences on the slices. The strings cut into the ball more and I get less lofting on the ball. Also find them very crisp on volleys.