Square-X Sharp
Square-X Sharp
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Square-X Sharp

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You’ve asked us for an 18 gauge string…we listened and NOW YOU HAVE IT!

We selected our popular SQUARE-X string to introduce our first 18g but be careful… this one has an evil bite to it!

The SHARP is our square-shaped string but designed to be thinner with super sharp edges. I can tell you now, that this string will be a nightmare for stringers but a DREAM for players! 😃

This string is a very soft co-polyester and easy on the arm like most of our co-polys.
The SHARP gets an A+ in most departments, effortless power; incredible feel; control, and that “wicked” spin. Obviously, with its sharp edges and being a thin 18g, it’s not your most durable co-poly from our line.

The SHARP is ideal for those players looking to get what feels like “an illegal advantage” when it comes to spin.

If you’ve never played with polyester strings and are not a chronic string breaker, then this is the ideal string to make an easy transition into the world of polyester strings.

Color: Lime Green.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.15mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester
Advantage: Control; Feel and Spin

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A. Scott Marshall (United States)
My favorite string by far.

The best strings I have used thus far. Nice pocket on groundstrokes, along with the added spin. Highly recommend you give them a try. I have to admit they are a bit hard on the fingers when stringing the racquet, yet they're worth it.

Ben (United States)
Sharp!!! best spin ever!!!

These have become some of my favorite strings ever. They offer a ton of spin potential from slice , topspin and kick serve all shots die more and jump more. it's really incredible! All of my clients that have used this string love it. it's soft enough to not hurt your arm.
I typically sting my rackets hybrid style. But I don't need to with these strings. a full bed is the BOMB!

I call these stings the CHEAT CODE. Tons of spin even without proper technique.

The only negative is the strings don't last too long. 2 to 4 weeks depending on the player. This is understandable given they are 18g. and they are a little slower to sting with.

Just try a set of these strings! thank me later

Derek Moore
They are actually sharp

This string is exactly as advertised. They are a soft poly with an extremely sharp square texture. You will receive a lot of bite on all of your shots. I was a hyper-g user and have switched to square sharp. I do highly recommend this string.

Sinnion Tang (Thailand)
Spin versus durability

Extra spin from these strings, but elasticity died after 8 hours of play.

George Cosentino (United States)

I have yet to use them, but my athletes have. They seem to really enjoy the extra bite. They have all noticed an increased amount of spin and pop coming off the floor. Especially in the serve. So far so good…have yet to hear about durability issues.

QViet Tran

The string is incredible, able to generate tons of topspin and power. Love it. Highly recommended.

KT Shiue (United States)
Square-X Sharp

Love the crisp feel when hitting on tennis balls as well as the deep bite that make great control and spin .

paul leis (United States)
they really are what they claim to be!!

these strings are amazing, have it all! whats even better, have had them 4 months with no change in play. balls that i thought were long, appoint says inside the line. what!!! you can also hit hours pain free. THAT, deletes poly hybrid.