Square-X Sharp
Square-X Sharp
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Square-X Sharp

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You’ve asked us for an 18 gauge string…we listened and NOW YOU HAVE IT!

We selected our popular SQUARE-X string to introduce our first 18g but be careful… this one has an evil bite to it!

The SHARP is our square-shaped string but designed to be thinner with super sharp edges. I can tell you now, that this string will be a nightmare for stringers but a DREAM for players! 😃

This string is a very soft co-polyester and easy on the arm like most of our co-polys.
The SHARP gets an A+ in most departments, effortless power; incredible feel; control, and that “wicked” spin. Obviously, with its sharp edges and being a thin 18g, it’s not your most durable co-poly from our line.

The SHARP is ideal for those players looking to get what feels like “an illegal advantage” when it comes to spin.

If you’ve never played with polyester strings and are not a chronic string breaker, then this is the ideal string to make an easy transition into the world of polyester strings.

Color: Lime Green.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 18 (1.15mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester
Advantage: Control; Feel and Spin

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lisa Tucci (United States)

My 1st time using 18g and will not use anything else. I feel that I definitely have more "pop" without any control loss.
I ordered more strings after my 1st time using them.

Roger Mickey (United States)

I use them in a hybrid setup wit natural gut and love the spin and feel.

Angel Matos (United States)
Strings played well.

Tried the 18G, thought they would have a little more pop for for 18G but thye played well. As expected for an 18G, lasted about 5 hours of play time.

Steven Schenkel (United States)
Great Spin and Feel.

I have tried other square strings in the past and didn't like the feel or the way the strings imparted the spin. These strings are perfect! The edges do wear off slowly, but then it's time to restring. I have already bought a couple more sets.

Alexander Monagan (United States)

I like the spin and power you get with it it also has some control as well, could be a little more durable but other then that it is a great string

John (United States)
Not matched with the description!

Does not match the description including the gauge of 18 which is more like 16! Had to change it back to Quadra twist!

Joseph Manning (United States)
Love the strings

Put this set in my wife's racquet. They have increased her spin rate and are a little more powerful that what she had been playing. Really helping her to get her game to the next level

Brian (United States)
Wanted to love these but…

Definitely SHARP!! Got a good deal of added spin from string for first hour or so. But string lost its edge ( no pun intended) after that compared to my normal setup. Durability was fine and control good but lost that extra oomph they had at the beginning.
Strung two racquets (one with Ytex Square Sharp and other with current gamer string) at same tensions and measured DT to make sure they were comparable before testing. Know feel is an individual thing but edge on the string in the hitting area was reduced after just a couple of hours.
If your switching racquets every 7-9 games string would be awesome, but I’m not there yet regretfully.