Quadro Twist Black
Quadro Twist Black
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Quadro Twist Black

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YTEX Quadro Twist Tennis String Video Review By 5k Tennis

The Quadro Twist is our "Baby" and flagship string from YTEX.

If you are looking for a very' SOFT co-poly and a SPIN Monster...then this string is for you! This is the absolute best' string on the market you can get besides natural gut! RSI (Racquet Stringers Industry) rated the Quadro #1 in spin and #2 overall out of 157 strings they playtested. 

Quadro Twist has outstanding tension hold and is also highly recommended for the main or cross in a hybrid combination. If you've never played with a poly string..then the Quadro is a great introduction for you to the poly world. 

Note: The black color on this string does play a little softer than the white so be sure to get the right color according to what you are looking for in a string. The Quadro is a little livelier so this one you can string a bit tighter than normal. 

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.26mm)
Construction: Carbon + Co-Polyester.
Advantage: Power combined with great spin and feel. 


YTEX Quadro Twist - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Monogut ZX
Monogut ZX
RPM Addiction, RPM Touch
TNT2 Tour 16 gauge
Hepta Twist
Tier One
Cyclone, Cyclone Tour


Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

I am prone to tennis elbow and theses strings do the trick! Plus the spin is incredible! Recommended!

Best soft poly!!

The spin of the this string is crazy!!!! The best soft poly in the Market!!!


Love the spin and durability of YTEX strings. Best Poly on the market

Customer loves this one

I have strung up two of my customer's racquets and stringing for a twisted copoly was really easy. No kinks were there and coil memory is manageable. One day I will try this string for myself and get a proper 1st hand playing review.

Love these strings!

Quatro Twist strings are a favorite of ours. They are soft, durable and have great control. Love these strings and the spin!!

Quadro Twist; Playes a little like Cyclone

Racket Wilson Clash: Old String: Volkl Cyclone Tension: 47 Main 36 Cross. Player 3.5-4.0
While warming up (Mini tennis) the ball was popping off the strings. I was like wow. I had to adjust the edge of my swing to keep the ball in play. By the middle of 1 set the strings settle down. It does plays a little like Cyclone but it feels like a thinner gauge. It is definitely a "Modern String" What I mean by that is you let the ball hit the strings and snap back VS the density of the racket. In my case it generated a little more spin some add shape (loop) to forehand and a little more kick to my service. I think next time I will string it at 50lb on mains and 38 lb on the crosses.


I read a review of spin strings on twnnis warehouse and this Quadra twist was one of the highest rated, gave them a try and haven’t look back since. I use a hybrid set up on my Wilson blades with Ytex on the mains and Head synthetic gut on the crosses. Unbelievable spin and control. 55/53 lbs

A great string for aspiring junior

I switched a high level junior player from Gosen Sidewinder 17 to the Quadro Twist 16 because the Sidewinder was not holding up and was breaking far too soon. Obviously, going from a 17 to a 16 gauge was intended to extend the life of her string string but this change also allowed her to hit out more freely, improving her overall game! The Gosen string worked just fine for her when she was younger but as players grow and improve they hit the ball harder so we have to realize that changes are inevitable. My organization for racquet technicians at www.gssalliance.com has tested hundreds of strings and each string ends up with a numeric value assigned for elongation. The Sidewinder has an elongation factor of 10.70 while the Quadro Twist comes in at 7.84. That's still an indication of a nice soft co-poly string when you consider our stiffest poly string tested had a numeric value of 0.22! She's very happy with the change and so is her dad!