Hexagon-X Black
Hexagon-X Black
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Hexagon-X Black

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Video Review - From 5KTENNIS 

If you are looking for a soft poly with incredible CONTROL and DURABILITY'...this is the string for you! 

We want to give this string 10/10 in all departments and trust us it does live up to its hype. This string is 6 sided and gives you everything you would need from a string...power; superb tension retention with virtually no string movement; solid spin and then of cause the awesome control and durability. Feel free to play around with the tension on this one and string it low to get the max out of it! 

Note: The black color on the Hexagon-X is 1.28mm (16g) where the red color is a bit thinner at 1.25mm (16Lg). 

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16G (1.28mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power, Durability and Control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Kaden Baker (United States)

These strings are ideal for players that want an edge string but still want to keep there power and comfort! They have a nice responsive feel with an added twist of spin, at a more than affordable cost i can't seem to keep these ones in stock for long!

art moffat
after 8 sets of doubles

having used a number of poly and multi strings over the years the hexagon-x in red is a find. a rare find. i had used the quadra-twist for 3 years. a very fine string in itself. the hexagon-x is a different animal. you sometimes are amazed at what happens to the ball you just hit. it has a deceptive spin.not the extreme spin of the quadra-twist. but a clearly deceptive spin. i'll take the later. because you cannot define it. yet, i believe that is accurate. i have had it strung at 43# in a 98 size racquet head. the 1st 2 hours of playing i really had no idea where the ball was going. the strings were just breaking in. the next 2 hours were better. the last 4 were really amazing in terms of control, volleying, and simply how the ball moves so nicely. they pocket so well when you hit it right with pace. the touch of the strings on volleys is a confidence builder. these strings are, as i said above, simply different in a wonderful way. and, comfortable in a controlled way. ivor, a very nice man, says that these strings have great control. believe him. without control you lose the match. i just bought 6 more sets of the red. thank you ivor for a wonderful and distinct product. i cannot speak for the black hex-x as i have not tried them.

Adam Thomasson (United States)
My all time favorite

There are a lot or stars in the YTEX poly line. For me, the one that shines brightest is Hex-X Black. No other string that I have played offers the perfect balance of Power, Spin, Comfort, but most of all CONTROL. The ball goes where I want it to. I can take big cuts and always feel connected, yet I still have deft touch on drops and volleys. I like Pearl Red, but I like Black more. It’s more muted, IMO. Less jumpy. You can’t go wrong with either, tho. Try it. GO LOW TENSION! My preference is 47# in my Volkl V-Cell 8 (100 sq. in. , 16/18). That’s 3 pounds lower than recommended on the frame. I just bought my 3rd reel.

carl johnson (United States)

All the tournament juniors love this string. Durability is good. My one complaint is the price for 600ft and still paying for shipping.

JERAMY F TOWE (United States)
Great String

This was the first YTEX string that I fell in love with. Great spin, control, and power. I just put this string in a client's racket for the first time. He loved it!!! I am torn between this string and the Triangle Twisted Purple to use in my personal rackets. I will have to keep debating with myself over which of these awesome strings is the best for my game. I am a solid 4.0 all-court/baseliner that hits a very heavy ball on both forehand and backhand. I feel like this string gives me just a little more spin than the Triangle Twisted Purple.

Glen Takishita (United States)
Great String!

Strung this Hexagon-X Pearl Red string at 55 lbs (3 lbs higher than the recommended Ytex tension for an OS racquet with 16 mains) because I thought the Quadro Twist string played a little bouncy (too soft and like a trampoline) at the lower tensions. The string felt great and met my expectations based on its high ratings for power, spin and control. The high rating for durability cannot be confirmed yet since the racquet was strung only recently but I do not doubt that it will meet or exceed my expectations for that quality. The color of the string is gorgeous!

Metin Kurkcu (United States)

5 star!!!! Best strings I have ever played with in my 40 years of tennis !!!

Love love love the hex!!!!

Cathy Officer (United States)

My high school tournament players love the feel and durability of theses strings!!!