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Hexagon-X Black
Hexagon-X Black
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Hexagon-X Black

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Video Review - From 5KTENNIS 

If you are looking for a soft poly with incredible CONTROL and DURABILITY'...this is the string for you! 

We want to give this string 10/10 in all departments and trust us it does live up to its hype. This string is 6 sided and gives you everything you would need from a string...power; superb tension retention with virtually no string movement; solid spin and then of cause the awesome control and durability. Feel free to play around with the tension on this one and string it low to get the max out of it! 

Note: The black color on the Hexagon-X is 1.28mm (16g) where the red color is a bit thinner at 1.25mm (16Lg). 

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16G (1.28mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power, Durability and Control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Chris C

Love the feel and sound


Gamer string. Great feel, easy on the arm.

Katherine Walker (United States)
Amazingly Durable Strings With Great Feel!

These strings will not break! I hit with a lot of topspin and my previous strings used to move around quite a bit, causing a lot of friction. I would break strings frequently. I play singles twice a week and haven't broken a string all summer!

Carlos Hernandez (Mexico)
Hexagon- X

Liked strings, good for spin and control!

Cynthia Delgado (United States)

Really been enjoying these strings in my Babolat Puré Aero Plus. They give me a little extra power, nice spin, & super durable. Tried the 2nd time round at 48lbs instead of 50lbs which is the sweet spot for me. Had been using Solinco Tour Bite, but like this string much more!

A (United States)
Loved it

Felt a little stiff at first but after a little bit they were fantastic

David Popham (United States)
Another awesome color from YTEX. Candy apple with a shine to it.

Similar to Hexagon X black. Good spin, nice control, stiff recoil. Beauty and braun!

Tim Boulay (United States)

It's easy on my elbow and and it plays very well. They last a long time too.
I will keep reordering.