Hexagon-X Black
Hexagon-X Black
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Hexagon-X Black

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Video Review - From 5KTENNIS 

If you are looking for a soft poly with incredible CONTROL and DURABILITY'...this is the string for you! 

We want to give this string 10/10 in all departments and trust us it does live up to its hype. This string is 6 sided and gives you everything you would need from a string...power; superb tension retention with virtually no string movement; solid spin and then of cause the awesome control and durability. Feel free to play around with the tension on this one and string it low to get the max out of it! 

Note: The black color on the Hexagon-X is 1.28mm (16g) where the red color is a bit thinner at 1.25mm (16Lg). 

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16G (1.28mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power, Durability and Control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Alejandro Huerta (United States)
Favorite strings

I really like these strings, they give so much spin to the ball. The strings are just really good.

Matthew Foster-Estwick (United States)
High quality string

Good durability and power with these strings

Aaron Kim (United States)
Best strings on the market!

I’ve tried tons of variety and types of tennis strings, and these strings are one of a kind. They have the softness, feel of natural gut, and have the spin and bite of a poly. One of a kind strings and my choice of string!

Nicolas Dearden
Great strings

These are actually my favorite strings of all time and I tried a lot of strings. But these strings give the spin and comfort that you want. Love them.

Matthew Mitchell (United States)
The Best String I Have Ever Used!!!!

Check out the video to see why choosing YTEX is the best choice. You won’t find a better string around!

Hans Buckendahl (United States)
Customers very happy.

Spin, power and control.... what more can you want!

Jesse Gladis (United States)
Can’t Beat YTEX

These strings are by far the best I’ve used. It’s not often you find control and comfort in the same set of strings. With the Hexagon-X, you definitely get both. I string my high school team up with this string and wouldn’t recommend anything else. Targets on court have gotten much smaller thanks to these strings. Our teams confidence has never been higher. Thanks YTEX!

MICHAEL TORRES (United States)

Currently my #1 requested string. Everyone loves the playability , spin and durability of this string. I have been stringing it from a low of 48# to a high of 54#.