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Sample String Set

Sample String Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amadeo Juachon (United States)

Here's my assessment. I keep forgetting how arm friendly the set is. I tried it yesterday while doing a hitting session. Strung at 48 lbs on a prince phantom 100 18X20. It didn't have the stiff feel as compared to a Dunlop black widow or the Solinco confidential. The control plus bite was there.
I'm 61 and my hard hitting days are pretty much over. I now use my opponents pace and the set is actually perfect for my type of game. This is my opinion of the set . I'm sure everyone might think differently.

Tennis Dozier (United States)
My NEW all-time favorite strings!

57 year old 4.5 rated player needs as much help as possible. I’m always looking for an edge to compete while growing older and older. Well, these strings are the BOMB! 💣 I played a 4.5-5.0 match yesterday and these strings perform! I didn’t have to over swing or change my swing for power, spin or control! Strung the mains at 42 lbs and the crosses at 40. Tried to upload a quick video but it’s too large.

Fredrick Strahsburg (United States)
These strings are the best

My personal opinion is that these strings are better than LX or TF, especially when it comes to spin, durability and power

Bryan Stephens (United States)
Love the strings

Love the strings, the spin, the control and durability!

Nikhil Narendran (United States)
Hexagon X Review

Stings are the softest ever that I played with. I don't feel the ball hitting my racquet. No need of dampers.
No compromise to Doing or power ever with lower string tension compared to my old strings

Amin M (United States)
Great Strings

I just started playing with them and too early to tell, but so far they are easier in the arm and a little more power than ALU rough.

Todd Palmer (United States)
I like the strings

Spin is super high off of my left handed kick serve. I'd use these again.

Kevin Si (United States)

Broke when stringing