Protour Orange
Protour Orange
Protour Orange
Protour Orange
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Protour Orange

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The ProTour Orange is a soft co-poly with a great combination of spin; control and power. Ideal string for those players playing with a heavy racquet. 

If you are looking for a soft co-poly which holds tension very well, then the ProTour series is the string for you! This string offers you a SOFT yet powerful feel, while maintaining control and a nice "Pop" sensation when it hits the ball.

Because of the round shape its ideal to use as a hybrid set up or full bed. 

Try this amazing new technology!

Color: Orange.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 17L (1.23mm) and 16L (1.27mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyestermix with play enhancing additives.
Advantage: Feel and comfort.


YTEX Protour - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Warrior Response 16
Proline 2


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Micah (United States)
YTEX ProTour Blue (1.20mm) Comfort, Control, Great Spin, & Pockets Very Well

I strung my ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour (315), 98 sq inch racquet with a 16 Gauge (1.30mm) multifilament in the mains at 52 pounds and the YTEX ProTour Blue (1.20mm) in the crosses at 50 pounds. This string set up allows me to have comfort, control, spin & power. I was able to practice on the hitting wall at the local park for a solid hour with no pain. I used this racquet and string combination when practicing with the ball machine, and my shots from the baseline were deep and controllable, and landing inside the opponent's baseline with about two feet to spare. These strings are very comfortable and pockets very well. Pick your target and hit it. I highly recommend YTEX ProTour strings to anyone suffering from tennis elbow, and this is coming from someone who had non-surgical treatment with plasma injections to repair the damage done to my tendons in my elbows from 24 years of military service and unrelated to tennis. I was very particular and cautious when experimenting with various tennis racquets and string combinations with the goal of playing tennis pain free. I string my own racquets, and I liked the ProTour Blue (1.20mm) so much I bought a reel because this will be my go-to co-poly. In the summer months when the temperature gets into the mid-90's, I will try the YTEX ProTour Orange (1.23mm).

Peter Pastor (United States)
Pro tour blue

Really pleased with the feel and power combo. Looks great in any racquet. Can’t beat it for the price! Subbed it for technifibre razor code in a client’s yonex e zone and he loved it!

J.B. (United States)
Great string for crosses

I switched from Gamma Glide to Protour Blue 16, and like it a lot. It is a very smooth string and provides good feel and manageable power. Have a couple others I string for, and they also had the same sentiment.

Experimenting with Hexagon-X, Quad-Twist, and Octo-Twist in the mains. Stringing at 50x48

Chris Smith (United States)

Customer very happy with the feel! And let's face they look great in this racket!

Nicholas Shields (United States)
Chose Color Wisely

I really loved the pro tour blue, but wanted a thicker gauge and it was only offered in the yellow color. I am a strong 5.0 and former division II player, and while the yellow is just as good as the blue, for some reason it is significantly heavier to where I can noticeably tell it added weight to my racquet. Never felt the weight of different strings before but it is so noticeably heavier I will have to go back to thinner gauge.

bryan vaughn (United States)
Slightly more "lemon" than "lime" but a great poly nonetheless...

I strung my prince ripstick 280g with a set of protour lime @48 lbs. with this setup, i can practice serves for hours, hit with the ball machine until the battery runs out or feed numerous carts worth of balls with 0 discomfort anywhere in my arm or shoulder. this string at this tension is extremely forgiving, so much so that it almost feels like synthetic gut or multi. make no mistake, though, it plays like poly as was evidenced by the ability to hit offensive shots from a defensive court position. i noticed considerably more spin than from my usual syn gut setup and there is no wear or notching after 6-8 hours of use. i would say that protour lime the most comfortable poly i've used up to this point (although much of that could be due to the tension). this may be a good candidate for a player's "first poly".

Samuel Baldwin (United States)
Fantastic Strings!

I'm a 5.0 level player and a former #1 at my high school all four years and played with these strings last night for the first time. I got the strung at 52 lbs in my new Prince ATS Textreme Tour 95 and it went phenomenally well. The string basically did everything right. It gave me great spin, control, power, stability, touch, and comfort. It had perfect ball pocketing and was a nice blend of soft and stiff: stiff enough to produce good power but soft enough to not kill your arm. It just felt fantastic and I love the lime color so much, and it's so affordable! Thank you to Ivor for making one of the best strings I've played with!

JERAMY F TOWE (United States)
Just as good as the Blue!

I had been using the PROTOUR Blue, and decided to change up the color palette. This string generates good spin and easy power. Minimal tension loss and smooth texture make for good durability.
Next on the agenda is the Square X Sharp