Triangle Twisted Purple
Triangle Twisted Purple
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Triangle Twisted Purple

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YTEX Triangle Twisted Purple Tennis String Review by 5K Tennis

The Triangle Twisted Purple at first glance is just the most beautiful looking color string you'll ever see :)  Very soft co-poly with incredible feel and if you are looking for a soft co-poly easy on the arm with control; power and tons of spin...then this beauty is for you!  

Color: Purple.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.28mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester.
Advantage: Triple quality co-polyester mixed with special additives ensuring consistency of the string bed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anthony Ciccone (United States)
My favorite YTEX String so far

Probably my new go-to. Felt like it was point and shoot. Could dial up the spin on a neutral ball and really hit through approach shots to the corners. 10/10. Reminded me of Technifibre Razor Code without the significant toll on the arm. Great job YTEX Strings!

Peter Zimmer (United States)

I love the feel of these strings. My control has improved. My spin has improved. I won't use anything else

Jack (United States)
Great string and great color!

These strings were very comfortable and had great spin potential! They are at least as good as Quadro Twist but better color!

Thaaj Bhardwaj (United States)
Great all around!

I made a poly blend with this string in the crosses and YTex Quadro Teist in the mains and it is perfectly balanced on the high end of stats and I love it. Perfect feel power and spin!

Jonathan W. (United States)
Triangle Twisted!

What else can you say about a string by Ytex...?! GREATS STRINGS! And that does not stop at the Triangle Twisted either. In my experience these are a more crisp feeling alternative to the Quadro Twist. Same great spin and durability! I'm a lefty with a nasty slice serve and a big forehand and I have no problem spinning the ball in for winners with this string.

Jesse Gladis (United States)
Great Control, Awesome Spin

I waited to review these strings until I used them a few times. In my first use, the bite I felt on the strings took a bit to get used to. However, the second, third, and subsequent uses have been absolutely wonderful. I feel incredible control and superb spin with these string. They don’t have quite the feel that Hexagon-X has, but the spin is worth it if you are a baseliner and have a great kick serve. They only thing I would change about these strings is that they are advertised as purple, and seem more blue. Extremely great product, YTEX! I highly recommend Triangle Twisted!!

JERAMY F TOWE (United States)

Played with this string one time with tension at 55 lbs. Was not a fan. Followed the suggestion of Ivor and lowered the tension to 46lbs. This is now my personal choice for playing. Great bite, awesome control, amazing easy power. I will continue to use this string until I find another YTEX string that I love more. It is a really close race now with Triangle Twisted Purple and the Hex-X Red, both are amazing strings. I have had no arm problems playing with this string. YTEX strings are some of, if not the, softest co-poly strings available.

Bobby W (United States)
Great Playing strings

These strings played great and gave me alot of spin. They did start to make my elbow hurt, but I'm not young and play 5 times a week, so I need to stay away from co-poly strings. But people who love and can handle poly, will love these.