Hexagon-X Pearl Red
Hexagon-X Pearl Red

Hexagon-X Pearl Red

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The unique Hexagon profile, carbon-impregnated string offering Extreme Control with a truly sensational feel. The bevel-edged design provides a string bed with thin profiles in contact with the ball, creating super durability and virtually no string movement and a lot of spin and durability.

This is an exceptional string that will without doubt improve your game.

Color: Pearl Red.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Hexagonal-shaped co-polyester + carbon + special polyeolefin mix.
Advantage: Spin, Power and Control.


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Reference String
RPM Blast


Customer Reviews

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Love my new string.

Great string!!

I love the string feeling (lot of power and spin) and the high durability. I will recommend this strings to anyone

Always pleased

Although I’ve been out of town for awhile and I haven’t had a chance to string or play with Touch or Hexagon. I have played considerably with Square X and QuadroTwist and enjoy the feel both give. I do normally use a blend so durability is sometimes a problem.

I have a friend that has a vibration dampener that he needs a company to market it with. Let me know if you want his contract info .

better version of rpm blast

I have a team mate that will only hit with rpm blast. I put this in his racket at same tension as the blast. He said it didn't feel the same but he liked it. Said it was much better than a lot of others he had tried, had much confidence with shots. This is the best alternative to the high priced string and he did agree seem to hold tension better.

An amazing ton of Control

I love the Hexagon X in pearl red. It give mal an amazing control and a good spin. It’s easy on the arm.

Awesome string all around

Hexagon X. Wow what a great string. Incredible power and spin. Doesn't lack any control either. Have been a Big Banger Alu fan for a long time. I have found it's replcement! The colors are awesome. Made my old pro-staff come alive. Strings stay in place and don't seem to be grooving to badly after 2 matches. Really impressive. One of my opponents this past weekend said that the red color was intimidating I. Itself lol. It does look great. My suggestion if stringing a complete set is to drop 3-5 lbs. I did pre-stretch before stringing. Will be play testing other YTEX strings soon! Thank you Ivor for bringing a great product at even better value!!!!

Keep rippin!!
Sean O'Connell

Hexagon X

The power and control is very good.
The one exception is that the is string does not have a large sweet spot.

New boss is here

Hexagon- X

I have this really great string now. I knew that there was going to be different, but not by this much. Even my coach said there's a big deference in string. 1st color us great, then my first few swings and i noticed my ball began to kick up higher after first bounce. I stopped a few times kept looking at racket. The string sounds totally different. It not a bad thing. But when i began to serve my ball was turning more and kicking higher. Can't wait to compete and win over and over with these new strings.