Square-X Black
Square-X Black
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Square-X Black

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The Square-X is easily in our Top 3 best selling co-polys for its softness and incredible feel. Most players we know who played with rpm have switched to the Square-X not only because of the price but it’s playability and durability. If you want a very soft co-poly which is easy on the arm; incredible feel and durable but less than half the cost of rpm...then switch to this gem! 

This is a square shapes string with Two Flat surfaces, mains/crosses, in contact with each other give extra durability, no notching and the string returns very quickly from any movement after hitting the ball.

It measures 1.20mm across the flat sides and therefore plays like a much thinner string increasing power and control. We have only one word to describe this string: Unique!

NOTE: The black color plays softer than the white. 

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester
Advantage: Control and Durability


YTEX Square-X - Comparable Strings Table
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Dynamite Touch
FXP Tour
Weis Cannon
Scorpion, Ultra Cable (square shape)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Thaaj B. (United States)
Plays Beautifully

Recently we know of a square string in major popularity. It’s green and it’s called Hyper G. I used to use Hyper G in my Yonex Vcore 98 at 53lbs and loved how it played. I decided to give this Ytex a try because, to be frank, the green doesn’t go with the red. I’ve been using square x at the same tension for two weeks now and love it. Plays just like hyper g in its feel however I get more control which is exactly what I needed. Will definitely continue its use and play around with more hybrids to make with it.

Bob Hurtt (United States)

I reordered this string for a customer that I strung his other racquet with. Loves the string.

JERAMY F TOWE (United States)

This string is bought specifically for one of my clients. She loves the power, spin and durability of Square-X

Doug Miller (United States)
Perfect setup.

I have been a Square-X full bed black user for years...Prince Warrior 107T at 45 lbs. Looking for something "unique" I decided to string up the mains at 48 lbs with the black, and use the Square-X white in the crosses at 42 lbs...WOW! Love, love, love the way it feels! I had hip replacement surgery 4 weeks ago so I cannot wait to really give this a go..great job YTEX!

Greg Milano (United States)
Solid performing string

We like the control and power of Square-X. The strings are also very durable for a poly.

Shane Lefebvre (United States)

I have used many strings in my 40 years playing tennis. I am a 4.0/4.5 player and I can say without a doubt these are the best strings I’ve played with yet. I strung them at 58/54 lb tension and I can feel the ball extremely well. It’s amazing what strings can do to your game. I have recommended these strings to every player I know. Try them once and you will never go back to what you use.


the rope is excellent my first experience with YTEX I'm gitan a lot

Hideo Tsukamoto

It's good feeling .
I felt hitting soft and good boal poketting!