PentaPower Black
PentaPower Black
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PentaPower Black

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The Penta Power is a little stiffer than our other softer co-polys but surprisingly a very comfortable strings with tons of control. You'll notice we have the Penta Power Terracotta as well which is a tad thinner at 1.25mm but this color terracotta we are discontinuing. So if you are a big fan of the Terracotta order now while stock lasts!  

Pentapower can also be used as a hybrid with any of the Protour strings.

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.28mm)
Construction: Top quality co-polyester pentagonal profile.
Advantage: More Control.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kyle Hougland (United States)
The Perfect Fit For My Radical Pro

Nevermind that the color scheme of the Terracotta blends wonderfully with my Radical Pro, but the amount of control and precision I get with this 5-sided poly is fantastic. It is not the softest poly in the YTEX lineup, but I almost prefer the pop I get from this string. It plays similarly to the ProTour as far as feel of the ball coming off the racquet, but add the bonus power and spin. The only thing I think ProTour has the edge on PentaPower is the tension maintenance. Protour definitely has the edge there. I tend to restring my sticks every 2-3 weeks anyway so that has not been an issue for me. So if you want an all-around high performance shaped poly, I can not say enough good things about PentaPower. RIP the Terracotta variant.

James Lewis (United States)

I always look for extra spin from strings and the Penta strings do the job !!!

Team Morgan (Costa Rica)
Great action on the ball and Feel

We've been using the YTEX twist crossed with Square-X hybrid setup around 3 months now. Love the strings, Love Winning

Renee Pettengill (United States)
Love these strings!

Very durable

Mark Dalli (United States)

I am very impressed on many levels, just got an identical order from the one you mentioned. I will promote YTEX in my mobile stringing service everyday. Ivor Savage knows I mean business.

Dan Azul (United States)
Spin and Comfort!

This string is really spot and its textures provide lots of spin on all of your shots!

Paul Yeung (United States)
Nice Spin/Control

Nice Spin/Control....we believe the control on this string is on par with Hex but a little less power. We picked 3 reels :)

Chad (United States)
Nice soft spin string

Nice spin , soft on the arm .
Good control
Great price