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PentaPower Twisted Black
PentaPower Twisted Black
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PentaPower Twisted Black

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The PentaPower Twisted Black is ideal if you looking for tons of bite on the ball along with spin and control. 

This pentagonal profile co-polymer with polyolefin and benifitting from our Thermo Foil Cooling Process (TFCP) creates loads of bite on the ball giving you superb spin and control. The technology used by this product offers the player excellent tension control, super power and durability.

This sensational strings brings to you a superior game performance.

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.28mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyester pentagonal profile.
Advantage: Feel and Comfort.


YTEX Pentapower Twisted - Comparable Strings Table
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Zo Twist
Pro Hurricane Tour, RPM DUAL
4G, Big Banger
Signum Pro
Poly Mega Force
Barb Wire
Razor Code


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John (United States)
Better suited for Technifibre Isoflex 300 racquet!

Used it for Babolat Pure strike found it not lively compared to the Technifibre racquet!

Chuck Jones (United States)
Perfect for my Frame

I Needed a comfortable string with a firm enough feel without feeling Mushy. These strings fit the bill perfectly on my Yonex ezones 100's. I string at 54/52 and dominate my league competition. I am a 4.5 player who loves the perfect combination of spin, comfortability, and power which makes me feel so connected to the ball.
Well done Ytex, great String!!!

Matt Good (United States)
My Favorite of the YTex Line

I've sampled most of the YTex line of polyester strings and Penta Power Twisted has to be my favorite one so far. It has a slightly crisper feel than the other strings which I prefer in my Yonex VCore 95 racquets (strung at 45/43 on an electronic constant pull machine). It provides a clean response and impact feel while also allowing for exceptional spin generation. I'm able to hit heavy shots from the baseline while also using spin to create short-angle shots from the mid-court. It also handles touch and finesse shots beautifully. Durability has also proven to be great as I'm easily getting over 12 hours of hitting from each stringing.

This is definitely one of the better poly strings on the market at the time and I would highly recommend it.

John Merritt (United States)

The folks that I have strong the rackets with the pinto power twist say they will never change and that’s a bunch. They really like it

Chris C. (United States)
Whoa! Look out for these strings!,

I just finished a practice session and practice set of singles with this string in a Blade 98 v7 18x20. I found it’s comfort and control to be unmatched. It was spinny enough. It required a little break in, thus the hitting session prior to competitive use. If you are looking for a full bed of poly loaded with control and comfort...look here.

STEVE CHO (United States)
PentaPower Twisted

I strung my new Diadem Elevate 98 and customer’s Wilson Prostaff 97 with PentaPower Twisted at 48 lbs. Both my customer and I are very happy with this string. It has a lots of pop and good spin. It will not hurt your arm. This is one of my favorite strings from YTEX. #teamytex

Scott Hottell (United States)
Wicked slim!

The Penta Power Twisted Black at 48 pounds is what I use for my mains. The power and spin I am able to generate continues to surprise me.

Michael Guest (United States)

I really like the spin generated with this string. It is soft enough to be very easy on the elbow.