Protour Black
Protour Black
Protour Black
Protour Black
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Protour Black

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The ProTour Black is a soft co-poly with a great combination of spin; control and power. Ideal string for those players playing with a heavy racquet. 

If you are looking for a soft co-poly which holds tension very well, then the ProTour series is the string for you! This string offers you a SOFT yet powerful feel, while maintaining control and a nice "Pop" sensation when it hits the ball.

Because of the round shape its ideal to use as a hybrid set up or full bed. 

Try this amazing new technology!

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 17L (1.18mm) and 16 (1.28mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyestermix with play enhancing additives.
Advantage: Feel and comfort.


YTEX Protour Black - Comparable Strings Table
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Black widow
Black Ice


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jonathan W. (United States)
Comfort, Spin, and Durability

I cannot say enough about Ytex and their offerings of strings. Quadro Twist, Square-X and the Protour Blue are my favorites. In my experience the Protour Blue has more pop/power than most of the co-poly's I have tried. The spin is top notch for a round poly and is just as durable as anything else out there. Stringing is a breeze as the crosses just glide across the mains. This will be my go to string in my Pure Aero's for some time!

Thomas Lichty (United States)
hybrid strings

I'm using the microfiber on the mains and the protour on the crosses. Both strung at 50 lbs. They give me good power and lots of touch. I think I found my perfect match, now I will start adjusting the tensions to make it perfect for my swing.

Brad Stoll (United States)
Perfect hybrid cross!

Been using the Protour black 17L for a cross string with Square X Sharp in the mains. Everyone has been loving it on my team. Hoping it will be durable enough to keep this my top spin/arm friendly poly hybrid!!!

Kirk Wallin

Love the spin and durability of the pro tour blue!

Austin S (United States)
The most solid round poly on the market!

I manage a tennis store and have access to hundreds of different strings. After trying countless polys, I always come back to protour. This string has excellent tension maintenance, durability, SnapBack, and comfort. It does all of that at a good price. I have yet to try a color of protour that I didn’t like and it’s always nice to have color options. I would recommend this string to anyone looking for a long lasting round poly with great feel. Works really well as a full bed or in a hybrid.
My brother is a big string breaker. He usually goes through big name polys in 2-4 hours of play. He broke Yonex polytour pro 1.30 in 1.5 hours. I gave him protour yellow 1.30 and not only does he like this string better than the competition, he also has over 8 play hours in and it’s holding up incredibly well. We ordered a reel for him. Again, I’d recommend this string to anyone who wants an incredibly solid all round poly at a great price.

Jake T (United States)
Solid round poly

Very similar to Yonex poly tour pro or TF ice code but just a bit softer and easier to string. Great depth on punch volleys and consistent net clearance from the baseline. As good as any round poly on the market but better cost and durability than most

Inus Daneel (United States)

Love the spin and control of the Pro Tour Bleu. It is also a soft string and very soft on jour arm. Like to coach with it as well and can recommend this string to everyone.

Micah (United States)
YTEX ProTour Blue (1.20mm) Comfort, Control, Great Spin, & Pockets Very Well

I strung my ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour (315), 98 sq inch racquet with a 16 Gauge (1.30mm) multifilament in the mains at 52 pounds and the YTEX ProTour Blue (1.20mm) in the crosses at 50 pounds. This string set up allows me to have comfort, control, spin & power. I was able to practice on the hitting wall at the local park for a solid hour with no pain. I used this racquet and string combination when practicing with the ball machine, and my shots from the baseline were deep and controllable, and landing inside the opponent's baseline with about two feet to spare. These strings are very comfortable and pockets very well. Pick your target and hit it. I highly recommend YTEX ProTour strings to anyone suffering from tennis elbow, and this is coming from someone who had non-surgical treatment with plasma injections to repair the damage done to my tendons in my elbows from 24 years of military service and unrelated to tennis. I was very particular and cautious when experimenting with various tennis racquets and string combinations with the goal of playing tennis pain free. I string my own racquets, and I liked the ProTour Blue (1.20mm) so much I bought a reel because this will be my go-to co-poly. In the summer months when the temperature gets into the mid-90's, I will try the YTEX ProTour Orange (1.23mm).