Protour Black
Protour Black
Protour Black
Protour Black

Protour Black

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A softer co-polyester + carbon + polyethylene co-polymerized string. The Protour provides the best response compared to other conventional polyesters. Its exclusive patented Low Molecular Weight Technology (LMWT) with added olefins and lubricants give it a unique appearance and brilliance. This string offers you a SOFT yet powerful feel, while maintaining control and a nice "Pop" sensation when it hits the ball.

Try this amazing new technology!

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 17L (1.18mm) and 16 (1.28mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyestermix with play enhancing additives.
Advantage: Feel and comfort.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
17g protour

I am using in the crosses with hexagon x in the mains. Had been using syn gut in crosses but this string seems to be soft enough and produces the firmness I was lacking from the SG. I have suffered tennis elbow in past, i try to keep the string bed soft. So far I have really enjoyed playing with this set up. I can swing with confidence.

Very responsive string

I loved the way the Protour Black 17 gauge string really grips the tennis ball and imparts a good amount of tospin and allows the ball to remain on the string bed long enough to allow for maximum control.

Great as a cross!

After much tinkering with my Prince Pro 100P I have settled on Quadro Twist as my mains and the Protour white as the crosses. I feel like the white version of the Protour has a great feeling pop to the string. The black in the 16g has a little more power which in my setup that wasn't what I was looking for in a cross string. Overall the Protour is a great line of your basic round poly. It can be played as a full bed or complement a textured string as a cross!