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Protour Lime

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The ProTour Lime is a soft co-poly with a great combination of spin; control and power. Ideal string for those players playing with a heavy racquet. 

If you are looking for a soft co-poly which holds tension very well, then the ProTour series is the string for you! This string offers you a SOFT yet powerful feel, while maintaining control and a nice "Pop" sensation when it hits the ball.

Because of the round shape its ideal to use as a hybrid set up or full bed. 

Try this amazing new technology!

Color: Lime.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyestermix with play enhancing additives.
Advantage: Feel and comfort.


YTEX Protour - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Warrior Response 16
Proline 2


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very good feel

I used it I'm the mains with the mint green synthetic gut & WOW! I played doubles tonight & hits very well. My volleys are even more crisp than the 4.0 rating I have. Gives heavy spin on my serves. I recommend the 17L & a little less tension for maximum results.

Best cheap co poly

This string is one of the best co polys out there. It has all the right amounts of spin control and power

Glad I tried it!

If the power, spin, durability chart on the package was on the product page, I probably would have skipped ordering this offering from YTEX. However, I am glad that I didn't pass this string by and tried it out. I generally only play hybrid setups and hit for two hours last night with ProTour Orange in the mains and Forten Tournament Nylon strung at a center reference tension of 50.

Definitely one of the lowest power strings I've ever tried and it is just what I need. I've been trying hit with a much lower launch angle recently and this string is the prescription I've been looking for without having to adjust my swing mechanics. If you are use to a more lively string I recommend you string it 15-20% less to maintain the you hitting depth. In my first playtest I went 10% under my normal tension and it wasn't low enough to put the ball consistently deep enough in the corners. Other than that, the set up delivered an otherwise consistent play and response in stress situations. If you prefer playing with heavy sticks (12+ oz) this string is for you and me. I finally can swing out and have almost no fear of overhitting. Also, there is seemingly a lot more control than the packaging suggests. I won't be able to answer the durability question for a while since I want to play it 5# lower.

That said I'm definitely adding this string to my personal inventory and looking forward to playing matches with it next week after I dial in the tension.

Really Like this String

Being a racquet stringer, I am always looking for a good string for a good deal. This is a very nice string for the price. I've used several different types of more affordable string and this one definitely took the cake. Most lower priced string loses it's tension in the first five minutes. I strung my racquet with this as a hybrid with hexagon-x. And it held it's tension! That alone would make me recommend this string. But it also feels good in the racquet as well!

17g protour

I am using in the crosses with hexagon x in the mains. Had been using syn gut in crosses but this string seems to be soft enough and produces the firmness I was lacking from the SG. I have suffered tennis elbow in past, i try to keep the string bed soft. So far I have really enjoyed playing with this set up. I can swing with confidence.

Very responsive string

I loved the way the Protour Black 17 gauge string really grips the tennis ball and imparts a good amount of tospin and allows the ball to remain on the string bed long enough to allow for maximum control.

Great as a cross!

After much tinkering with my Prince Pro 100P I have settled on Quadro Twist as my mains and the Protour white as the crosses. I feel like the white version of the Protour has a great feeling pop to the string. The black in the 16g has a little more power which in my setup that wasn't what I was looking for in a cross string. Overall the Protour is a great line of your basic round poly. It can be played as a full bed or complement a textured string as a cross!