Square-X White
Square-X White
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Square-X White

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The Square-X is easily in our Top 3 best selling co-polys for its softness and incredible feel. Most players we know who played with rpm have switched to the Square-X not only because of the price but it’s playability and durability. If you want a very soft co-poly which is easy on the arm; incredible feel and durable but less than half the cost of rpm...then switch to this gem! 

Two Flat surfaces, mains/crosses, in contact with each other give extra durability, no notching and the string returns very quickly from any movement after hitting the ball.

It measures 1.20mm across the flat sides and therefore plays like a much thinner string increasing power and control. We have only one word to describe this string: Unique!

NOTE: the black color plays softer than the white 

Color: White.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester.
Advantage: Control and Durability.


YTEX Square-X - Comparable Strings Table
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Dynamite Touch
FXP Tour
Weis Cannon
Scorpion, Ultra Cable (square shape)
Tour XC
Signum Pro
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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
David Zuckerman (United States)
Love it!

Great feel.

Vince Warbinton (United States)
Great strings!

Square-X gives my high school players spin, control, and durability. This is a great string for high school players because it is soft, yet full of spin. I play these Square-X with a full bed, but it would be just as good in a hybrid setup with Microfiber-X (another great YTex string)! I love it at 48#.

Ron Selkirk (United States)
Durable yet good comfort

Good playing poly

Mike Shima (United States)
Square-X Black

This is my go to string for my competitive Juniors. I originally were stringing with the Qtwist which is a good string. However after much play testing I see that the Square X provides more control. My deal with them is that I will string their rackets with the Square X and adjust the tension accordingly. If they do not like it; no charge. Thereafter I will string with their choice at regular price. I have not had a junior player that went back to their old string. It plays like Volk Cyclone.

Dan Azul (United States)
Great string!

This string is easy to work with, while stringing or on the court! Has a soft and springy feel and is great for those who want more spin in their game.

tareque (United States)
Square-X - THE Go To string

Excellent playability with great comfort and power...Got to string it at lower tension (below 45)... Couldn't be happier!!! even strung up a hybrid setup with Sq-X main and feels awesome...

Nou Cheng Thao (United States)
Love these strings!

I love the feel and control it has.

Phillip Hamilton (United States)
Really great string

This string performed very well for me. I was told white was stiffer than the black so I strung it at 46lbs (instead of 48) and strung my crosses (Grapplesnake Irukandji) at 50lbs. I wanted white to match Irukandji and this combo is awesome. Crisp but comfortable and some free power with nice control. Its as if the harder you swing-out the softer it gets.....if that makes sense. Spin was nice also.....who says you need those sharp edged square strings like UC or V-Square, Square-x produced ample spin. Will buy more!