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This Microfiber-X is the CLOSEST string you'll get to a NATURAL GUT, the HOLY GRAIL of strings.

No, this string is not a natural gut but definitely the best alternative without breaking your bank.  The feel and durability on this string is unbelievable and one of our best sellers especially for beginner to 4.5 level.  

If you are a frequent string breaker and use to poly strings...then this string will be a great fit in a hybrid set-up. For those players who don't pop strings too often...this is the holy grail of strings for you! Just see the awesome reviews below...

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16 (1.34mm)
Construction: TPU microfiber.
Advantage: Control and Durability.

YTEX Micofiber-X - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
X ONE Biofase
Control, NXT


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Thomas Lichty (United States)
hybrid strings

I'm using the microfiber-x on the mains and the protour - black on the crosses. Both strung at 50 lbs. They give me good power and lots of touch. I think I found my perfect match, now I will start adjusting the tensions to make it perfect for my swing.

Alan (United States)
Power & Easy on the Arm

I put them in my wife's Head Gravity, 100, at 55 lbs and her arm issues are now gone, and she has more power, with that, more confidence and stamina. It was a pleasure to string too! (All that said, I still love my Square-X Sharp)

George Cosentino (United States)
Perfect for Hybrid

Microfiber Mains, Square X Sharp Crosses. So far so good. Microfiber offers nice feel, comfort and power. The sharps are providing good stability to help with the spin and control. This is one of my favorite hybrid sets using YtEx strings.

Motez Robinson Jr (United States)

I’m not a poly guy but I highly recommend the Quadra Twist Black to my students playing with poly strings. Great soft feel and spin potential.

Brendan Rankin
Solid in hybrid!

These work well as either cross or main in hybrid. While they're not NG, they share some of the same characteristics.

My only gripe is that they tend to lose tension fairly quickly...like other MFs that I've tried.

V.T. (United States)
Alternative to Gamma Ocho XP

Felt soft and comfortable. No arm pain after the match.
With a proper swing, the string felt powerful with minimal effort. Was able to hit deep returns on serve. Ocho gave me (at least perceived) ability to keep deep balls in as it felt like it added spin. This string seemed to perform somewhat similarly. Serve felt good with a nice mix of power and control. Feels like it is a good mix of power and control.

Kaden Baker (United States)

Love the string!!

Suzanne Odgers (United States)

I have used these strings a couple of times and I love the power I get from them.