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This Microfiber-X is the CLOSEST string you'll get to a NATURAL GUT!  The HOLY GRAIL of strings! 

No, this string is not a natural gut but definitely the best alternative without breaking your bank.  The feel and durability on this string is unbelievable and one of our best sellers especially for beginner to 4.5 level.  

If you are a frequent string breaker and use to poly strings...then this string will be a great fit in a hybrid set-up. For those players who dont pop strings too often...this is the holy grail of strings for you! Just see the awesome reviews below...

Color: Black.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16 (1.34mm)
Construction: TPU microfiber.
Advantage: Control and Durability.

YTEX Micofiber-X - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
X ONE Biofase
Control, NXT


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great by itself or in a hybrid

I recently strung my son’s Babolat Pure Drive Team with this at 52.5. He has been using NXT and neither of us could tell the difference. He had great pop, decent spin and good control.

We also combined this with the Quadro twist in a hybrid set up. MicroX @ 52.5 and Quadro twist @ 48. He loves this setup. It gave him a comfortable racquet with plenty of spin and a higher launch angle. I am not sure how long this combo will hold up but if he doesn’t break them I will cut them out every 2 weeks.

This string is an arm friendly string with great power at a PRICE that can’t be beat.

Great soft string

Lots of value for all micro x has to offer

Same performance, lower price

I didn't test or play with string personally, but one of my long time NXT clients wants to make the switch and save money after trying MicroFiber X out this week. You'll probably want to as well. Great job YTEX!

another great string

Microfiber-X was very good quality, comparable to NXT in comfort. I strung my Volkl V Feel 4 at 57 full bed. The center cross string did seem to move about but it played well anyway. For the price, it will be one of the strings I recommend to my friends.

Fast shipping

Best multi string on the market
I like them better than nxt and origin( it feels like nxt and origin had a baby) closest string to natural gut with more spin than natural

Surprisingly good

The string play very nice. Holds tension quite well despite seemingly very soft a pliant and creates spin well due to smooth surface and snap back. Very easy to string with smooth surface and pliability. My only negative comments are that I would like to see it in a thinner gauge ( less than 1.28 mm) and it feels very heavy in my racquet compared to the 17 ga. I usually use.

Micro Fiber X

The Micro Fiber X is the best feeling tennis string I've ever had! I put that string in my crosses and and use the blast for a hybrid and gives me great feel and spin! I will continue to use both strings in the future!!


Gave me power without taking away from the control I have. Easy on the arms when I go for the low board shots on the court. Tried it on the outdoor and was great. Kept the control to shot the balls pass my oppenents..