Quadro Twist White
Quadro Twist White
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Quadro Twist White

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YTEX Quadro Twist Tennis String Review By 5k Tennis

The Quadro Twist is our "Baby" and flagship string from YTEX!

If you are looking for a very' SOFT co-poly and a SPIN Monster...then this string is for you! This is the absolute best' string on the market you can get besides natural gut! RSI (Racquet Stringers Industry) rated the Quadro #1 in spin and #2 overall out of 157 strings they playtested. 

Quadro Twist has outstanding tension hold and is also highly recommended for the main or cross in a hybrid combination. If you've never played with a poly string..then the Quadro is a great introduction for you to the poly world. 

Note: The black color on this string does play a little softer than the white so be sure to get the right color according to what you are looking for in a string. The Quadro is a little livelier so this one you can string a bit tighter than normal. 

Color: White.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.26mm)
Construction: Carbon + Co-Polyester
Advantage: Power combined with great spin and feel


YTEX Quadro Twist - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Monogut ZX
Monogut ZX
RPM Addiction, RPM Touch
TNT2 Tour 16 gauge
Hepta Twist
Tier One
Cyclone, Cyclone Tour


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Kaden Baker (United States)

Purchased these string for a customer of mine and he is overjoyed with these strings!

Will Stone (United States)
Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I saw an advertisement for these strings and thought what the heck I’ll try them. I put them on and started hitting and was extremely pleased with spin control. Well done

Graeme Cox
Best string ever!

I was hesitant about switching to these strings, but I got them and I love them. I can’t play with anything else. They are so easy on the arm and strong enough to get some pop.

Ronnie King

Great string/good feel/ easy on the arm with the right tension and mechanics✔️🎾

Matt Conrad (United States)

We have been using Quadra twist for over 10 years. It is great for the whole family and have really loved it’s spin, power and durability - thank you Ytex!

Brian Allen (United States)
Can’t go wrong with YTEX!

I recently received my 2 reels of Quadro Twist black that I ordered and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I previously was using Square X in my Wilson 98, strung up at 50 pounds. Surprisingly, I find that the Quadro plays with a little more trampoline affect to it. So i string it at 55 pounds. I’m able to FIRE the ball with hella spin on it. I’m getting kick served to jump a foot over 6 feet tall guys’ heads. I love both Square X and Quadro Twist black. I’m gonna try a hybrid setup with the two strings next time and see how that feels. But since I like both strings so much, I’m positive that setup will not be disappointing!

Paula (United States)
I really like the YTEX Quadro Twist!

I strung at 45, had almost no break-in time. I swing thru completely and the spin pulls that ball down. I really love this Quadro Twist string.

James Rodriguez (United States)
Great Soft Poly

Of all the strings I've played with there are few that come close to the Quadro Twist. It is the best soft poly that I've played with and intend to completely to switch to this string on all my rackets. Its spin gives be good control when going for power shots, but that also provides safety because of the rpm's you're able to put on the ball. Very beneficial for any player to try!