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Sintex Mint
Sintex Mint
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Sintex Mint

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If you are looking for a "PREMIUM" synthetic gut which will deliver the same spin and control you would normally get with a poly but without the arm pain then the Sintex is for you! The Sintex is extremely durable for a synthetic gut so if you are a high level player looking for a synthetic string that wont break on you too fast, then this is the string for you. 

Outstanding liveliness and responsive performance. Enhanced touch and control. Multifilament DynaTech fibers (visible fibers technology) wrapped between high tenacity central core and nylon outer wraps. DuraCoat 6 outer coating.

Color: Mint Green.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16 (1.32mm)
Construction: Nylon synthetic gut string with multifilament fibers surrounded and coating with Duracoat.
Advantage: Comfort and Control.


YTEX Sintex Mint - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Syn Gut
OG Sheep micro


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Customer (United States)

Really good Syn gut string. Wish you would sell in a 17ga. For the kids rackets. Also wish you would sell in different colors.

Dennis Sobczak (United States)
Customer really liked these strings

I Love how easy it was to string!

Adam Smith (United States)
Amazing string.

need different gauges and colors. specifically white. yet this is a great great great string!

Sebastian S (United States)
Love these strings!

Hard to beat the price and quality of these strings! Would definitely recommend.

Jose Camacho (United States)
These strings allowed me to continue playing tennis!

The sintex mint strings are by far my new favorite string from Ytex. I have been battling with a very bad tennis elbow on the last few months that has prevented me from practicing my serves, playing intense matches, and overall my game has suffered because of the lack of strength and pain on my forearm and elbow. No matter what I tried, I could not get rid of the pain, until I tried the sintex mint strings, and it quickly started going away. It is such a soft and elastic string, it takes away all of the shock of a hard, regular polyester string. It is simply amazing. It is incredible what the guys at Ytex have done and I would recommend this string to ANYONE looking to stay away from injuries and have a string on their racquets that performs. Could not recommend it more!!

Carlos Hernandez (United States)

Hello Ivor,
2 sets for customer! He liked them alot!

Nicolas Dearden (United States)

Use these strings for the crosses, i bought whole reel cause I love this string so much. Having Quadro twist and sintex is the best set up for any hybrid users.


Great with hybrid set up. Durable and feel and control is impressive.