Touch Natural
Touch Natural
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Touch Natural

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We are not exaggerating when we say the TOUCH is the absolute best multi-filament string on the market today!  Read the reviews below, our customers feels the same way. 

We've had so may testimonies from coaches on their players that their elbow problems are gone and they finally found a multi which is durable enough to switch to from their polys. 

Highly responsive string for added touch, control, and power. Racquets will benefit from its resistance to string movement. Nylon 66 multifilament central core surrounded with a fine row of monofilaments.

Color: Natural.
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16L (1.34mm)
Construction: Nylon multifilament.
Advantage: Power combined with great control and feel.


YTEX Touch - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Rip Control, velocity mlt 17
control classic 16


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sal Miano (United States)
Great Feel and Durability

I am a big fan of YTEX products. QuadroTwist black is my personal favorite. It’s a softer Poly string and most can comfortably play with a full bed of it. But at 57yrs are of age I find myself prone to elbow issues so I have been using synthetic gut in my crosses to soften the feel and absorb some of the shock.
Not any longer…..YTEX Touch multifilament is my new string of choice for the crosses in my hybrid setup. Better feel, durability, and playability than synthetic gut. I’ve strung several customers racquets with this same setup and have gotten excellent feedback.

Bobby W (United States)
Fantastic Strings

These strings are great! They have made my elbow pain go away! I had pain with the Co-Poly, but these have fixed my pain. They also play great and feel solid. They are very durable as well.. You will get many matches out of them.

Paul Eveleth (United States)
Very soft string

Very soft string with great feel. I used the Quadro twist for the mains and the touch for the crosses. I liked the overall play. Very nice.

Dennis Sobczak (United States)

Unfortunately string wasn’t sent out as planned and will not be arriving till December 11

Stuart Noble (United States)

Groundstrokes - no elbow pain

Rick Byrd (United States)
Love these strings.

These work great in a hybrid with Penta Power.

Oliver Duennfruend (Germany)

The Ytex Touch is easy to stringing, and have a really good tension hold. My customers love it.

Matthew Cochran (United States)
Great Synthetic Comparison

These strings are super comparable to any name brand synthetic on the market. I am stringing this and quadro-twist in a client's racquet and he's been very happy with it!