Pro-Feel Natural
Pro-Feel Natural
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Pro-Feel Natural

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A softer co-polymer construction with Low Molecular weight Technology (LMWT) that gives this superb string a Excellent ball pocketing with spin and control. Because of it’s special polymers and softeners gives the player the comfort and a more friendly string. A great choice for comfort and durability.

Color: Red
Length: 40ft/12m
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyester mix with play enhancing adaptives.
Advantange: Comfort and durability


YTEX Pro-Feel - Comparable Strings Table
Reference String
Hurrican Feel
Signum Pro
Poly Tour Pro 125


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan Runner (United States)

I love pro feel it gave me the confidence in my shots after switching racquets that I didnt have before. I've been looking for strings that have a lot of feel, touch, and control which I've been looking for, definitely advise picking up a pack and trying it for yourself.

Kaden Baker (United States)

The feel of these strings are awesome my customers seem to really like the open range of playability it gives them!

Andrew Coon (United States)
Great string much like the Lux ALU Power

I love this string....I've used ALU Power by Luxilon for years.....I just found a great substitute for Lux. I am still testing it through a few of my rackets but my initial response to it is....It Feels Great, nice and lively, and I am sure the durability will still be there. It feels like it plays well right away....unlike Lux where it might take an hour of hitting or more to make it feel just right. This was immediate! Thank you YTEX and Ivor!!!

Dan Azul (United States)
Plush but controlled!

Very comfortable and low-powered string. This string allows you to take big swings at the ball and offers string snapback, giving the ball loads of spin. Best suitable for players who want an arm-friendly string that gives great feel and control on the ball!

Matthew Cochran (United States)
So far so good!

I got these strings to try out a stringing pattern used by Kyrgios, except that he uses Yonex strings. I have setup my racquet in the same manner using this alternative. So far so good, the strings feel good. The string bed feels sturdy and I'm hitting good shots with it. I would recommend these strings!

James Walker (United States)

Great String. How about a orange color.